Taco Bell Debuts Its Own Custom, Limited-Edition Jalapeño Noir Wine

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you may have noticed a little hubbub around Taco Bell getting rid of spicy potatoes, Mexican pizza, and other menu staples.

For what? Well, we’re now finding out. Taco Bell Canada announced it will serve a limited-edition jalapeño red wine.

Worth it? Well, opinions seem to be divided.

Money talks, though, and we’re hearing “We are in a state of existential despair every day and everyone wants some T.Bell wine ASAP.”

Called Jalapeño Noir, the wine comes in three different bottles is meant to pair with the Cheesy Chalupa, however, we encourage full-menu pairing. 

The announcement coincided with another big alcoholic innovation: the Dew Garita:

Wow. What else will 2020 bring us?

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