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Hack For Well-Wrapped Sandwiches Goes Viral On TikTok

Making a proper sandwich is so much work.

Typically, I will just rip chunks of bread or tortilla, gouge out an avocado, angrily try and peel apart the cold cuts and cheese but give up and just throw a lump of deli meat and Swiss on my plate, squirt some mayo on it, and just mash everything together. Whatever, it’s all going to the same place.

Well, there’s an easier way than just making a disgusting sadwich-ish pile of crap.

On TikTok, a viral video about how to perfectly wrap a sandwich is helping lazy folks like me figure out how to eat a properly put together lunch.


The trick, first brought to the internet’s attention by user @ellcarter1, instructs the viewer to divide the tortilla into four quadrants and put a different filling in each one. 


Then, you make a cut between two of the sections and carefully fold the quadrants over each other.


Voila! You can then make it super fancy by cooking it in a panini press if you have such things. 

I don’t know, it still seems like SO MUCH WORK. I can’t.

But others are sharing their takes on the technique with different fillings, so maybe next time you try and make a tortilla sandwich, why not attempt something new?


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Lead image: TikTok

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