Baskin-Robbins Store Changes Sign To Read “No Relation To Carole Baskin,” Sales Double

Baskin-Robbins is really having a quarantine moment right now. Last week, lockdown protestors demanding the right to get haircuts and infect salon workers with a potentially deadly disease were photographed outside of one, setting off a round of Baskin-Robbins jokes:

Others have had time just to reflect on the ice cream franchise and their time working there:

But the biggest splash was made by Peggy Heldstab, who owns one of the shops in Junction City, Kansas. TMZ reports that a sign outside of her establishment has been getting photographed by everyone passing by, because it makes a connection to the Netflix hit Tiger King, and the infamous Carole Baskin, queen of big cats and possible murder suspect.

Under the Baskin-Robbins logo, Heldstab posted, “No relation to Carole Baskin.”

Apparently, when she posted it, she hadn’t yet seen nor heard of Tiger King, which is maybe even more shocking that Baskin being a potential husband murderer. She just took her son’s advice, and he turned out to be completely right. The sign went up on Sunday, and the next sales doubled. While most restaurants and eateries are closed for sit down service, some still do delivery and drive-by pickups. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to hit up the ice cream shop for service, but I can imagine that sign is a real draw.

Now I want to see how business does when they post a sign that says, “Actually, we are related to Carole Baskin.”

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