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People Are Sharing The Best Tweets Ever Seen On Twitter Because It’s Not All Bad (30 Tweets)

Twitter seems to be the app people go to to be their absolute worst selves because the uncles and Karens have taken over Facebook and Instagram is where they go to look hot.

That means a lot of ugly, stupid, and annoying discourse happens on the app. People end up blowing their lives apart over ridiculous tweets and become the Main Character for a day that they’ll never forget.

It’s hard not to think about Twitter and not conclude it’s the Bad Place.

But before you write it off completely, please consider this thread started by @awkward_duck, who asked, “What’s the best tweet you’ve ever seen on this app (or top contender)?”


The responses reminded me that there is some good on Twitter, mostly because the weirdest people ever are all interacting with one another in a kind of mental stew.

Something funny is bound to come out of it. You might not find all of these tweets funny. Some aren’t even jokes. Some are just like reading other’s people’s fever dreams. That’s kind of why they’re so amazing: