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This Thanksgiving Shirt Is Sparking A Debate, And Tons Of Memes

We regret to inform you that the straights are at it again. When they’re not burning down the West Coast with gender reveal parties, they’re forcing all of us to think about how much they have sex without a condom in order to bring more life to the planet. Any pregnancy announcement implies that two people have had sex, but things are getting a little too explicit in Straightville.

Comedian @dylaneatswings posted a very unfortunate t-shirt pairing that will haunt me forever on Twitter. It’s meant to worn by a couple where the woman is pregnant and the man is present. The woman’s shirt reads, “I’m so stuffed with a little turkey,” and the man’s shirt reads, “I made the stuffing.” You see, the stuffing is ejaculate.

“I hate these can u imagine if gay people invited their family over for a party so they could wear shirts that said ‘the cum came from HERE and went THERE!’ my family would never speak to me again,” Dylan wrote.

The pictures brought up memories for people in the replies because there are a lot of shockingly explicit birth announcements out there.

But soon the real thing wasn’t good enough, and people started memeing the shirt to make it worse and worse. Sometimes exposing the truth about straight people traditions hurts us all:











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