grandma i hope this is my last

94-Year-Old Grandma’s Morbid Response To Family Singing “Happy Birthday” Goes Viral

We all get to that “I’m SO over it” point when you’re like, “Will lightning just strike me down already?” It may be gallows humor, but hey, sometimes we’re just beyond beyond, especially when we’re living on a dying, plague-infested planet ruled by unimpeachable criminal overlords…but I digress. 

One grandmother, celebrating her 94th birthday, was full of sass and over-it-ness when she blew out her candles and deadpan uttered, “I hope it’s my last.”

Well damn, Granny! We stan that DGAF attitude (but also, we hope you do stick around; you seem awesome).

One TikTok user, @paulinekayy, shared her granny’s response—and it blew up. One tweet made fun of the fact that the TikTok video was referring to “capricorn, scorpio, and aquarius when you try to do nice things for them.” As a Scorpio sun with a Capricorn rising, I co-sign this perspective. Scorpio would rather fling itself into hot lava than endure anything it hates or be killed by something it doesn’t respect. Sounds a little bit like living for 94 freaking years on this hot mess of a planet, right?

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the video (which I felt DEEP in my soul):

Of course, the hilarious video inspired some people to get real about age and death. Ah, Mortality Twitter.

Oh, and some light coronavirus humor clearly had to find its way into the convo:

What are the Aquarians, Scorpions, and Capricorns thinking? They co-sign the whole thing.

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