27 Mystifying Questions That Went Unanswered In 2018

2018 brought many things to light; We learned that Beyoncé can be bought for weddings, the viral glitter bomb prank was staged, the rest of the world doesn’t eat pizza cold or with ranch, and men don’t mind living with zero furniture.

But a lot of very important matters went unaddressed. For example: Will grandparents ever learn how cell phones work? Why do men’s bathrooms look like this? Where is the infamous pee tape? And these 27 other super pertinent questions:

1. How do remotes work?

2. Are trash bags a giant scam? 🧐🧐🧐

3. Why aren’t ‘silent teeth’ a thing yet?

4. How’d the cars keep running?

5. Where’d all the TVs go?

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6. How many holes?

7. What happened to you?


8. What day is it, even?

9. How does this make sense?

10. Why you gotta pay more for less?