47 Liars Who Got Publicly Shamed On The Internet

26. Everyone is one Twitter all day long now.

27. Those pesky facts.

28. You can just say whatever you want.

29. The elusive White African.

30. How to sell snake oil.

31. More like Moron.

32. These people are out there driving cars and voting. Isn’t that terrifying?

33. America: First in confidence, last in education.

34. The more you know…

35. Put down the twitter and read a book.

36. He’s back.

37. Big time.

38. Well, I’m waiting…

39. But…but the bible. THE BIBLE.

40. Cut the bullshit.

41. They have a problem with assholes.

42. It’s a miracle!

43. Clever girl.

44. Wow, science beat batshit crazy again. Who would’ve thought?

45. Time travel is real?

46. I don’t really have Cancer!

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