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30 Of The Best Jokes About How “Nature Is Healing” Due To The Pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads across the earth, more and more governments are giving shelter-in-place orders or their equivalents to keep people in their homes. We all miss partying and passing on communicable diseases, but that’s no longer allowed. That means there’s virtually no tourism, few planes, and far fewer cars on the road. This has led to a downtick in pollution. While less pollution is good, it should be remembered that it’s coming at the cost of thousands of human lives and catastrophic economic collapse.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people aren’t remembering that and are instead celebrating earth’s “recovery,” by which they mean more visible fish:

It should be noted that the mayor’s office in Venice clarified that there aren’t actually more fish or that much less pollution in the canals at the moment—there just aren’t boats stirring up sediment and hiding them. That didn’t stop the images that purport an enormous ecological change from going viral, because truly…people are the virus. They have brain worms that make them sound like the villains in The Matrix.

On the other hand, this insistence that WE are the virus has led to a new meme. People are dunking on the eco-fascists on Twitter, joking about the return of wildlife to our rivers, streets, and fountains. None of them are real, all of them are funny.

Silver linings, folks, that’s all we are looking for. And also “nature is healing, we are the virus” memes.