People Are Pranking Their Moms With A Fake Picture And The Results Are Hilarious

Our poor moms. They put up with so much from us and yet so many of us still feel the need to prank them from time to time just because we think it’s funny.

In a tweet that’s gone viral, Twitter user Jordan Rutledge posted a picture of an oven in which a pizza had been placed on a now-completely-melted PLASTIC cutting board. The picture originally seems to be from Reddit, where someone wrote that their daughter was the culprit. Was she stoned, or just not thinking, or basically dumb? We’ll probably never know.

Rutledge instructed his followers to text the picture to their moms and say, “I didn’t know you couldn’t put the cutting board in the oven.” Ouch.

The responses were predictably hilarious.

Moms, we feel your pain. We just think it’s funny! Just be happy this picture isn’t actually of your own oven.