17 Savage Commenters Who Absolutely Did Not Come To Play

We’ve all been on the receiving ends of insults and even a savage burn every once in a while—and unless you’re Mother Theresa, you’ve probably dished a few out, too. Most disses are boring curse words and rude hand gestures, easily shouted and quickly forgotten.

A true insult master says something so true and mean it sticks in your mind forever. Below are some of the best, most creative, and funny insults on the Internet. Since the Internet is a breeding ground for saying the nastiest thing you can think of, you know they’re good. Here are your new Roast Kings and Queens.

1. The skateboarder who dished this drive-by burn

2. The woman who imagined Boris Johnson nude

3. The person who actually gets what taxes are for

4. Comedian Jaboukie Young-White, on this photo of Meghan McCain and Ben Shapiro

5. The mom who gets why toddlers ain’t sh*t

6. Poe, for whom “lacrosse” is not a compliment

7. This soft drink scientist

8. The person who requested their remote back in the form of a savage clapback

9. The millennials who are sick of CEOs


10. The teenage brother who reads you for filth


11. The herpetologist

12. LoFi-Liam, whose savage burn apparently comes from watching too many Snapchat vids

13. This mom who bullies her own daughter

14. This crawfish aficionado

15. This middle school drama queen

16. This seriously committed Yo Mama comedian


17. This crop top lover

Ya burnt.

More savage clapbacks: