thigh high crocs

Thigh-High Crocs Are Just The Abomination The Internet Is Here For

There are few mysteries in the world quite so baffling as the enduring popularity of Crocs, otherwise known as “God’s ugly, yet beautiful mistake.” The soft plastic clogs—which came to rise in the mid-aughts—may arguably be comfortable, but they are certainly not cute, and also not great for your feet, according to leading podiatrists.

So when graphic artist @susamarulovesu tweeted out an image of a pair of thigh-high Crocs this week, Twitter was, uh, not amused. Or they were highly amused!

thigh high crocs

I mean, how would anyone even get these on? Or off?! There are so many questions. Either way, people clearly had strong feelings and visceral reactions to the thigh-high Crocs.

One user said it reminded them of thigh-high Uggs, which honestly are only marginally better:

But not everyone hated the thigh-high Crocs? Or, we can probably just chalk these tweets up to sarcasm:

Others imagined pop starlets who would probably wear thigh-high Crocs in a heartbeat, including Ariana Grande, naturally.

Others imagined the fictional character “Felix” from the Nintendo Switch game Fire Emblem: Three Houses wearing thigh-high Crocs:

As many of you may be wondering by now—thankfully, no, thigh-high Crocs are not actually a thing, but an artistic rendering. And apparently the OP was not even the first one to have such a ghoulish thought:

However, if anyone out there would enjoy the protection of Crocs, but in a higher boot, the company does make a “Crocband™ Jaunt Boot,” which is ostensibly better for splashing through puddles without ripping all the skin off your thighs. You’re welcome!

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