Influencer Uses Wildfire Skies To Promote Dresses For #SponCon And Gets Roasted

This week, the skies in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California turned orange, red, and black as raging wildfires tore through acres and acres of land and created a disturbing filter to the sun all over. The devastation is directly connected to climate change, an issue that seems to get tabled every election year, even as climate disasters increase in every region of the U.S. Photos of the orange sky were used on social media to call attention to the urgency of increasing temperatures everywhere.

And for some people, they were an aesthetic opportunity. 

Instagram influencer Colette LeClair has just over 30K followers on Instagram. Her pictures are almost entirely of her in various outfits and she seems to make her money through sponsored content. She posts an affiliate link, if her followers use it to buy something, she gets a cut. This, in itself, isn’t outrageous. She’s making a living. Whatever.

But please, read the room before you post wildfire fashion photos to hawk dresses:

LeClaire posted images of herself in an orange dress to match the sky, writing, “Last days here! I found some gorgeous dresses on sale & they are all linked on in the most recent post.”

The Daily Dot reports that she has since changed the caption to read, “Last day here! Wanted to say goodbye to the ocean and beach and do something I used to enjoy so much here-TRIPOD PHOTOS. Currently gathering a lot of clothes to donate-yay! this one will not make it with me to LA, but there is someone here who will adore it.”

Her comments are also turned off, so it seems like LeClair might have finally gotten a clue about how insensitive her pics are. Especially because the image started circulating on Twitter, and people are pissed:

For some reason, influencers can’t seem to grasp that if there’s a situation where people are dying, you shouldn’t turn it into a backdrop for your photos. It’s really a very simple rule to follow.

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