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32 Influencers Who Got Publicly Shamed For Trying To Get Free Stuff — And 100% Deserved It

Technically, an influencer is anyone who has the power to affect the behavior of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their respective audience. In theory, that’s a lot of people, not just the Kim Kardashians of the world. Enter: “micro-influencers.”

Mirco-influencers might not have very large followings, but because they operate in certain coveted niches, they’re able to affect buying decisions of their followers more efficiently. And for many small businesses, they can really provide value.

That being said, when we live in a world where almost anyone can call themselves a micro-influencer, whether they can back it up or not, you’re bound to see these micro-influencers wielding their 5K follower audiences to get free stuff and providing little in return.

And we actually already have a term for these types of influencers, and you may have heard it before: freeloaders.

Fed up with promises of “exposure” in return for goods and services that have real value, small business owners, photographers, and artists alike are finally beginning to unite against these choosy beggars, and simply telling them “No!”

Sadly, fueled by their own sense of self-importance, many choosy beggar influencers are unwilling to accept “No” for an answer.

Well, luckily, many of these freeloaders are being put on blast.

From painfully hilarious retorts to missives about why influencers should pay double, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of the best responses ever given to these entitled little snowflakes. Enjoy!

1. You seem to have forgotten a zero?


2. Let’s collab!


3. Have you considered getting a “job?”


4. I’ve got an idea of how to celebrate doing good things for our planet.

5. “I am a very respected influencer” – A not very respected influencer.

6. LOL, stupid!

7. “Hi, I was thinking you could help me build my business for free.”

8. Your template needs work.

9. 300 followers is less than most of our moms.

10. People die from exposure.

11. Oh, when did “likes” become a currency?

12. Our service is that we’re good at giving service.

13. As a “friend” who I don’t know at all.

14. Gross.

15. I will charge you double just for using the term “collab.”

Jason Mustian

Jason is a Webby winning, Short-Award losing humor writer and businessman. He lives in Texas with his amazing wife and four sometimes amazing kids. All opinions are mine and very dumb.