27 Jokes For Smart People Who Love To Laugh At Stupid Things

So you think you’re pretty smart, huh? You still brag about your SAT score, you’re the star member of any bar trivia team, and you’re always quick with a pun. Best of all, people always laugh at your clever-yet-dumb nerd jokes (even if they’re groaning on the inside). It’s tough to say what exactly makes a nerd joke a dumb nerd joke, but suffice it to say if you’ve retained an annoyingly large amount of information form high school despite your best attempts to drink it away, then you appreciate a good, dumb nerd joke. After all, there’s really nothing like a razor-sharp wit tempered by an utterly stupid punchline.

It can be lonely being a smart person who likes dumb nerd jokes, in fact many of your friends probably think you’re insufferable (sorry you had to find out this way). But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We’ve tasked our team of brilliant/dumb scientists to create the perfect list of smart/dumb nerd jokes pH balanced for your sense of humor (you’re welcome). These geeky jokes are equal parts smart and stupid, just like you. Even though these babies are best enjoyed in moderation (also like you, again, sorry), we feel like you can handle them all at once. You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna groan, and you’re gonna have a few flashbacks to high school.