Bill Hader Dancing Is Now A Meme And It’s All Of Us, Honestly

New memes are abundant, frequent, and mostly forgettable. However, sometimes one comes along that’s so simple in its brilliance that you know you’ll be enjoying it for a long time to come. That’s definitely the case with the Bill Hader dancing meme that popped up online this week and took the internet by storm.

It all stemmed from an unaired Saturday Night Live skit from 2015 called “Alan” that was uploaded on YouTube. The clip caught the attention of Samantha Henson, who posted a gif of Hader busting a move on her personal Twitter account. 

It took off, leading her to create the @billhaderdancin account which has climbed to over 32,000 followers. 

Henson, who now takes submissions of Hader dancing to different songs for posting on the account, says it’s “purely for fun and enjoyment” and hopes that people will pick up on the fact that it’s all about “the idea of spreading positivity and light with funny videos.”


The reason this meme is a cut above the rest is that it’s so pure and wholesome. There’s nothing offensive about it and it’s not even particularly creative or different. It’s just Bill Hader dancing and being his hilarious self. 

Whether he’s dancing to Fleetwood Mac, Lizzo, Tame Impala, or Billie Eilish, there’s basically no song Bill Hader’s moves don’t accompany perfectly.


Some songs work better than others, rhythmically speaking, but it almost doesn’t even matter what music is in the background—it’s all brilliant.

It’s unclear whether the comedian himself is aware of the Bill Hader dancing meme, but if he isn’t already, someone needs to tell him because I feel like he’d love it. How could you not? It’s the silly and positive internet content we need in our lives, especially with everything going on in the world right now. Memes forever!

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