Chris Evans’ Leaked Raunchy Meme Has Become A Meme Itself (13 Memes)

The big weekend news was Chris Evans’ social media slip-up. The actor accidentally posted a private image to his Instagram Stories, but that’s not the important part of the story. (Nor should it be, because everyone deserves privacy.)

The internet’s gift, however, was knowing Chris Evans has a meme of himself in his camera roll with the words “GUARD THAT P*SSY” over it.

This just makes us love him even more.

How this whole thing came to be was Evans did a screen record on his phone. Instead of editing the clip, he kept in the footage of his camera roll that flashed. As soon as he realized the mistake, he deleted the story. However, the meme was already found.

Instead of focusing on the intimate image, the internet ran wild with Chris “Guard That P*ssy” Evans.

Fans also flooded the internet with wholesome images and reasons why they love Chris Evans as a way to keep the intimate photo from surfacing and spreading. Many people pointed out how Evans is open about his anxiety and how the image spreading could be affecting him. 

Actress Kat Dennings, who was the victim of a nude leak, brought up a very important perspective to consider in light of a leak happening to a male celebrity:

She’s right. We have failed women over and over when it comes to giving them agency over their bodies.

Maybe the response to Evans’ situation can help usher in the respect and support everyone in this type of situation deserves.

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