The Viral Flight Attendant Meme Has People Roasting Their Own Career Choices

It’s the holidays, so people are thinking about how they’ve delighted or disappointed their families recently. Twitter product manager Laura Gao turned that thought process into the wonderfully repeatable flight attendant meme that has taken over everyone’s Twitter feeds this weekend. In her imaginary script, she’s on a plane with her dad and there’s a medical emergency—classic dangerous scenario! And Gao’s dad wishes she were a doctor who could help. She shoulda been, according to him. But all she has are these pesky product management skills. Darn.

Most people are using the meme as Gao intended—to talk about themselves and what they do:

Which is rubbing some people the wrong way:

Luckily for them, other’s are using it to make different types of jokes, which are generally funnier because they’re surprising:

If only making memes was a job parents were proud of. 

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