24 Tweets For Every Full-Grown Adult Who Still Can’t Get To Bed On Time

Sleep is the number one best thing about life. Well, it’s at least in the top five best things, anyway. Some people don’t love sleep, saying weird things like, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” but those people are secretly probably not human and you shouldn’t be friends with them.

For the rest of us, the tired masses, sleep is the sweet release at the end of the day, or, if you’re lucky, in the middle of the day, in the form of the coveted nap. Everyone is exhausted! Parents, people with jobs, people without jobs, we’re all just somehow too tired. The world is too much (sorry, James Bond) and we just want to go to bed already.

Remember when you were a kid, people would have to force you to take a nap? Or, when you got in trouble, you’d be sent to bed early, and it would be a bad thing? Now, all I want to do is be sent to bed early.

But sometimes, sleep, cruel mistress that she is, eludes us. We want to go to sleep, but just can’t. Could it be that entire pint of ice cream we ate at 11 p.m.? Could it be that we’re still staring at that little box of glowing light right in front of us? Could it be that our brains are our enemies and just will not shut up? Maybe a mix of all three.

At least, when you can’t sleep, you know you’re not alone. There’s always Twitter.