Every College Major Gets Roasted By The ‘Majors Be Like’ Meme (27 Memes)

Every college major has its own quirks. They’re all demanding in their own ways, but nothing distills all the ups and downs and challenges as perfectly as the hilarious “majors be like” meme.

In one sentence, people on Twitter are roasting pretty much every major you can dedicate four of the best years of your life to. Basically, the meme works by pairing a major and with what the most demanding homework assignment that major could possibly, saying it’s due that week. But the homework assignment is always ridiculous. And perfect.

It’s hard to tell if everyone writing these memes is actually the major they’re joking about. The easiest thing to make fun of is yourself, so I’m guessing most people are speaking from experience. Except maybe agriculture majors—I can’t imagine any of them making such a ridiculous corn cob joke.

1. History Majors

2. Film Majors

3. Psychology Majors

4. Communication Majors

5. Philosophy Majors

6. Chemistry Majors

7. International Relations Majors

8. Urology Majors (not a thing, but lol)

9. Political Science Majors

10. Humanities Majors