say what you want about onlyfans memes

Say What You Want About OnlyFans Memes, But These Are 23 Of The Best “Say What You Want About OnlyFans” Memes

Popular OnlyFans accounts are having a boom right now while the rest of the economy is tanking. That’s because people are stuff at home with nothing to do but watch porn—and why not watch content made by someone you’re a particular fan of? It’s sort of like a Patreon for being horny

A woman named Sarvani is one of the people with a large fan base. The woman seems to be making quite a bit of money off her photos and videos, with over 12 thousand subscribers. On Twitter, she posted a picture of herself standing in front of her house. She captioned it, “Say watcha want about OnlyFans but I just moved into my dream house at 22.”

say what you want about onlyfans memes, onlyfans memes

The words “dream house” conjures a certain image and Sarvani might have been better off celebrating her “first house,” because while this place looks nice, it seems pretty normal? What’s not normal is being able to afford a house at 22, so good for her! 

Unfortunately for Sarvani, people have found her brag hilarious, withe because it’s too boring looking or because she got it through her work on OnlyFans or some combination of both. Personally, I think a lot of it comes from a kind of misogyny where no one wants to see sex workers be successful, but they still want the work they do. You created the market, pervs!

To give folks the benefit of the doubt, however, her words became a meme so quickly, most of the people posting probably have no connection to the original idea. Everyone on Twitter has been sharing their own “dream homes” and attributing them to their OnlyFan careers. They’re tweeting pictures of mansions, cartoons, stills from video games, screenshots from TV shows and movies along with some variation of Sarvani’s caption.

Some of these are pretty funny, but I still hope she’s getting tons more followers from this whole thing:










say what you want about onlyfans memes, onlyfans memes