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Parents Forced To Homeschool Their Kids Are Tweeting About How Hard It Really Is (21 Tweets)

Schools are being closed all over the world as COVID-19 spreads. While healthy kids are generally much safer from the virus, seeming to recover quickly and fully, grouping them all together to spread it around is a bad idea. They’re still going home where their parents and perhaps grandparents or immunocompromised relatives are waiting. Social distancing is the best chance authorities have found to help slow the spread, and that includes kids, too.

That means parents are suddenly being thrust into the world of homeschooling—or all-day child care. And a lot of them are not dealing with it very well! Finding activities to occupy and teach their children for a full school day is hard. That’s because schools are as much about giving children someplace to be when their parents are as work as it is about learning:

There are some teachers who are able to enjoy a minute of rest and the knowledge that parents are finding out just how hard their job really is:

And they are learning. Everyone new to homeschooling seems to be tweeting about how difficult it is and how it is making them reconsider how teachers are paid. “Criminally under” would describe it.

Let’s hope homeschooling teaches parents a lesson on how they advocate and support teachers when their kids return to school.