Pregnant Woman Asks “AITA” For Yelling At Neighbor Who Told Her To Wear A Bra

If you’ve been pregnant, you know how uncomfortable it can be—especially once you get close to your due date.


You feel enormous, everything hurts, you can’t sleep, pee all of the time—and your boobs have had it with being crammed into bras that feel painful and constricting.

Well, one woman on Reddit was enjoying some time in her yard sans bra when her nosy neighbor came over and yelled at her for being “indecent.”

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The OP yelled—which I am fully in support of—and now is wondering if her reaction was over the top. Lady, you are 32 weeks pregnant. You are fine. Screw the bra, and screw your neighbor.

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“I live in a neighbourhood that’s managed all by the same hedge trimming company. We all pay into this service and have the hedges trimmed a couple times a month. I was out on my private ground level patio, laying on the outdoor furniture because it’s sweltering outside and I’m nearly 32 weeks pregnant.

My patio is covered by cedar fencing, so you can’t see if someone is outside just by looking. My neighbour comes by with her brat of a kid and lifts herself as high as she can to peer over my fence as I’m relaxing. She asks me if the hedge trimmer guy had been by yet, as her house wasn’t done.”

The OP says that clearly her hedges were not trimmed, so she had a short conversation with her neighbor while her neighbor’s kid ran around the yard. Then, she told the OP to put on a bra while she was outside of her house.

“Now, I’m 32 weeks pregnant, sore, annoyed, and now VERY angry. She came over to peer into my private patio and then got pissed off at me for being ‘indecent’ by not wearing a bra under my shirt? I was very upset, so yelled at her her to leave my patio and that I don’t want her to come over unannounced EVER again.”

“She was pissed off at me for my reaction in front of her child, but I feel like it was justified as she had no right to come and tell me what I can and can’t wear, especially in a private area that she barged into. I’m not a confrontational person at all, but this was the last straw. I’m tired of people telling me what I can and can’t do when pregnant! My husband thinks that I should have just ignored her and not gotten so upset, but I’m so frustrated that anyone would think it’s okay to do that.”

What did Redditors think?

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“Absolutely NTA. Your neighbor comes over unannounced and you’re trying to relax. You’re not even topless, just braless. Your neighbor can stuff it,” said RoboClaus.

“NTA. Not only that but to tell you to wear a bra in the first place. It is none of her business. FREE THE NIP! from a bra less and proud lady for 6 yrs. if you want to wear a bra fine. Do you. But they cause more problems than they fix IMO,” said JustMissKacey.

“Bras are not required. Breasts are not inherently sexual. People who only see them that way need to work that shit out in therapy and leave women who don’t want to wear a bra alone. This goes double of course when you’re on your own property,” noted revmat.

“I misread and I thought you were completely topless and I still think you weren’t the AH. It’s your patio and she had to make an effort to see you. Therefore you had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” said 99-cabbages.

“I think that if you are honest with yourself, you wish you had been able to keep a cooler head. We all have that, ‘I wish I’d said this…. I wish I’d said that’ conversation with ourselves in our own heads after a fight like this & I’m guessing that your ideal retort would have been the same words, but in a slightly calmer fashion. It’s no big deal though. You’re still in the right even although hubby has a small point. Learn from it and move on,” suggested BigC1874.

“NTA. If you are planning to breastfeed, consider doing it on the patio as much as possible,” advised Swedishpunsch.

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