Pregnant Woman’s Coworker Used Her Sonogram Pics To Trick An Ex Into Thinking She’s Pregnant

Sharing news of your pregnancy is a very exciting moment.

Some people don’t mind spreading the news on social media and others prefer to keep it more low-key—whatever makes you comfortable and allows you to express your joy in your own way!

However, what if someone used your pregnancy announcement to play a cruel joke on someone?

On Reddit, one woman who recently sent pics of her sonogram to coworkers says that one of them used them to trick an ex-boyfriend into thinking the baby was his.

The whole situation is gross.

“Hello everyone. I am 27F. My husband and I found out two months ago we are expecting our first child. Last week, we officially announced it via text and phone calls to our friends and family. The next day at work, I found out that one of my coworkers had taken the photo of the sonogram I had sent them in the group text (someone had asked to see it) and posted it on her social media to ‘fool’ her ex-boyfriend (who she broke up with a few weeks ago) into thinking she was pregnant,” the OP writes.

“I never wanted my sonogram on the internet, I don’t have a Facebook or an Instagram or anything like that, and I feel extremely uncomfortable that it’s out there without me being able to control the audience of who is looking at it. Also, this seems like an extremely cruel trick to play on someone, and she used my sonogram as a prop for this mean joke.”

“When I expressed that I was upset to my coworker, she said I was being ‘dramatic’ and I am ‘just looking for something to be upset over.’ She said she covered up all identifying information and that it was only up for a few hours, and she told her ex-boyfriend the truth after ‘making him sweat for a bit.'”

This one makes me really upset. It’s an incredible violation to share an image of someone’s sonogram or any picture they don’t want in the public sphere. Also, what kind of person lies about pregnancy to make an ex ‘sweat’?

There’s so much ick going on here. What do Redditors think?

“What in the world was she thinking??? This is a huge invasion of your privacy. I mean, I’m not even touching the can of worms of the prank she played on her bf, because holy hell. I’m just focusing on your involvement here. To be completely honest, I’d go to HR about this. But you do you. It’s absolutely unacceptable behavior. And, frankly, I think it’s time to not be on a group chat with her. This is not someone you need having access to your life outside professional boundaries. She took an extremely beautiful, wonderful moment of your life and twisted it for her own sick pleasure,” said idiggory.

“I find it ironic that someone willing to steal a private medical image from you and use it to lie to their ex-boyfriend to ‘make him sweat’ has the unmitigated call to call you ‘dramatic.’ Yeah, you’re definitely NTA here. At all. Nor are you being ‘dramatic.’ Honestly, your coworker has MAJOR boundary issues at best, thinking it was okay to do something like what she did. I see from some of the comments that you’re thinking of complaining to HR; I cast a vote in support, if you do choose to do that. If nothing else, I hope you’ll cut this woman off from any further group communications, especially involving your personal health,” said AnneBoleynsBarber.

“Oh my. NTA in the least! That’s a ridiculous thing to do in general, but to use your actual sonogram is breaking all kinds of boundaries. I’d stay away from that person, sounds like she’s the drama queen to me,” advised widefeetwelcome.

“I’m a HR manager & honestly I would complain. It is a massive invasion of privacy. While it depends on the policies of your company regarding group chats (grey area), I would flag it as it would really make me question the judgement of an employee,” said Chiya77.

“Your coworker is a horrible human being. Faking pregnancy isn’t a joke. What a creature. Stay away from her as much as possible. Speak yo her at work if you have to regarding work, but otherwise drop her out. Someone like that isn’t worth wasting your effort on,” said JustARandomWeirdo17.

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