Parents Are Sharing The “Weirdest” Stuff They’ve Caught Their Kids Doing (25 Posts)

A lot of us are spending tons of time with our children right now—more than ever before. And we’re seeing some pretty strange behavior from our darlings. Folks took to Reddit to share the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen their children do—and a lot of them have to do with poop, to be honest. Here’s 20 of the oddest, but don’t forget—kids doing weird stuff is actually pretty normal. 

1. Saving You From Lightbulbs 

“When my son was about 4 he was playing in his playroom. I was on the couch and heard some sounds behind me (it was just us). So I turn and see my son looking up at the light fixtures and whispering. I ask what he’s doing. His response: I’m asking all the lightbulbs in the house to not fall and kill you.” — chargedunicornpeach

2. Time Traveling 

“My son licked my toe. I asked him what he was doing, and he said ‘time traveling.’ He was three.” — Bhavana1234

5. Pee Hat 

“My brother decided he wanted a pee hat, which is literally what it sounds like, a hat he could pee in during the night. While already a stupid idea (since he didn’t empty it), he chose a plastic hat with hole in it.” — jaymasters1123

6. Licking The Floor 

“Caught my 2 year old son licking the floor. He seemed really into it.” — MotorizedDoucheCanoe

7. Double Poop 

“We caught my sons (maybe 6 and 3 at the time) both sitting on the toilet together, one behind the other, pooping. They told us it was a double poop. We forbid them from ever doing that again.” — rockingthesecrocs

8. My Best Friend, The Toilet Plunger

“When my brother-in-law was three he was so obsessed with the toilet plunger they had to buy him his own so he’d stop grabbing the used one. It was his best friend.” — LaurenLumos

9. Hatching Eggs 

“My mom caught me bringing eggs from the kitchen into my room and sitting on them in a blanket nest, hoping they’d hatch.

What she didn’t catch was that I had been doing this for a while and would put the eggs back into the fridge when they wouldn’t hatch after a few days.” — rebekahah

10. Poo Poo For God 

“A little girl I was babysitting was slowly stirring her bowl of chocolate ice cream into mush. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied very seriously, ‘I’m making poo-poo for God to put in people’s bottoms.’” — WendyWindfall