This Entirely Clear Jigsaw Puzzle With 3 Difficulty Levels Can Make Your Quarantine Much Better—Or Much Worse

Puzzles are, in general, pretty hard—unless you’re some sort of genius. All those pieces. All that brainpower. But when you have not much else to do, why not try to hack it? Gather everyone around the table with a glass of wine—and voila! You have a friendly way to pass the time in quarantine

But make that puzzle entirely CLEAR and you have a nightmare situation that looks more like some sort of elaborate Saw-type scenario. Perfect for human beings stuck in total lockdown.

One insane genius (sorry, but it’s true) Etsy seller, LittleFlowerPotShop, is making and selling clear puzzles, and they’re making them customized, which means some very intense people out there are requesting them. Oh, and it gets worse:

The clear puzzles start with nine, 25, and 49-pieces, and they go all the way up to 144 pieces of pure mental breakdown. The 144-piece puzzles are the size of your fingertip.

Even the seller describes this puzzle as “crazy!”

The 144-piece puzzles are coming back into stock in April—and this is may be a good thing (?) because we’ve got weeks left to go in quarantine. Hopefully with our sanity intact…

The Little Flower Pot Shop describes the acrylic puzzles as “insanity,” with prices starting at  $16.99 with nine 2-inch pieces (easy!). The “ok” and “hard” levels contain 24 and 49, respectively, while “crazy” has a whopping 144 half-inch pieces and is priced at $24.99.

Here’s what people are saying about this activity. Some folks are horrified…

While others are intrigued at the concept of impossible puzzles…

Apparently, there are whole groups of people who are “Hell” puzzle enthusiasts.

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