33 Weird But Brilliant ‘Shark Tank’ Products You Can Buy On Amazon

Shark Tank — everyone’s favorite combination of American Idol and consumer capitalism — has seen some downright weird product pitches since its debut in 2009.

 I mean, who can forget caffeinated waffles, or the squirrel taser?

Still, as bizarre as many of the pitches have been, when it comes to raising money from the Sharks, having a weird product doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll turn you down.

In fact, it may actually help you win them over, as evidenced by the successful but also strange items currently selling like hotcakes (or caffeinated waffle cakes) on Amazon.

Here are some of the best, most useful, but also strange Shark Tank products on Amazon

1. This inflatable travel pillow/hoodie combo, appropriately named, that’s right: Hoodie-Pillow.

For cheaper than you can buy a headrest at the airport, you can tackle the two biggest problems with flying: finding a comfortable sleeping position and having to acknowledge the existence of others!

Promising review: “I recently bought 2 of these since my husband and I are going to be traveling a lot. I absolutely love it! It inflates pretty quickly and it’s nice that you can adjust the firmness of it to your liking. After inflating I found that if I press the nozzle all the way in it was a little difficult to get back out, so I just leave mine out all the time. Get it on Amazon.

2. The Scrub-Daddy promises to be the only pseudo-sexual-nicknamed sponge you’ll ever need.

Promising and brutally honest review: “Makes cleaning almost fun!”

Haven’t you always wanted to make cleaning somewhat a little bit close to fun?

Get a pack on Amazon.

3. The ReadeREST, so you don’t lose your mind looking for your headphones or glasses ever again.

Probably the only way for me not to lose something, especially my headphones or glasses, is to attach it to my clothes, and this little thing that does via magnet, even if it does look a little weird and pretty much everyone will ask you “What’s that thing?”

Get on Amazon (with Prime) for $10

4. Baker’s Edge, so everyone gets a corner piece, or if you’re eating the whole pan yourself, all your pieces are corner pieces.

Ok, this wasn’t one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for nothing. Get one on Amazon.

5. Ezpz Happy Mat, so you don’t get so sick of cleaning up after your kids’ meals that you just stop feeding them.

No joke, I’ve got one. It’s legit. Easy clean-up. Dishwasher safe. I mean, sure they’re still going to throw food all over the walls, but this thing will minimize the damage for $24.99.

6. This floating coffee mug that protects your nice surfaces from damage, assuming you have nice surfaces.

$39 seems pretty reasonable. Especially when the alternative is your wife yelling at you to use a coaster even though she’s told you to do that 1,000 times and you still don’t because, let’s face it, you are a little selfish.

7. Spike Ball, which is something that apparently all the kids are playing now.

Never played, but I saw the episode where they pitched it. It looks pretty fun. Like bocce, but for people with some level of athletic skill. $55.99.

8. Chewable coffee bites for when you don’t feel like standing in line at a coffee shop.

Two cups of coffee worth of caffeine for the price of like 1/10th of Starbucks.

9. Air Cork, the wine preserver for people who don’t just finish the whole bottle in one sitting, like me.

Personally I’ve not run into a situation where I’m unable to finish a bottle of wine in an evening, but seeing as how I probably shouldn’t, and that many of you aren’t raging winos like I am, this little invention really is a good way to moderate your drinking and keep your wine fresh.

Get it on Amazon.

10. The Fizzics beer flavor enhancer, which somehow makes beer taste EVEN better.

Who doesn’t want a better beer? 

Get yours (Prime delivery available) here.

11. Freaker, the one-size-fits-all beer koozie.

Hard to forget this episode. The guy selling these was pretty much a what I’d imagine a magician meth addict is like. Anyway, these things are pretty cool and come in a variety of styles for only $12.

12. Phone Soap, the UV sanitizer for all that feces on your iPhone.


You don’t want to know how dirty your phone really is, but for $35 you don’t need to worry about it. BONUS: Your phone also gets a nice little suntan!

13. This back support, so you do don’t look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame by the time you’re 40.

Sure, the Better Back may look silly, but not as silly as lurching around looking like you’re bent over at the waist your whole life. Price: $59.

14. One of these things you see in bathrooms a lot now. (Psst, it’s called the Squatty Potty)

Apparently, I’ve been taking poops incorrectly my entire life.

The Squatty Potty gets me back in touch with my primal ancestry by helping me take dumps in the position nature intended.

Better for your colon, and digestive system, allegedly.

Get yours for $24.99.

15. The Chord Buddy, the easiest way to learn to play the guitar so you can bust it out at parties and have everyone hate you.


Get it for $65.99.

16. The One-Z nursing pillow.

Another thing I own personally. It’s a great way to multi-task (AKA, look at your phone) while nursing a newborn. Cheaper than most baby stuff, for sure.

17. This lower-back pain decompressor will let you rid yourself of back pain so you can focus 100% on existential pain.

If you suffer from lower back pain, muscle spasms, stenosis, or sciatic issues (as I do), the Lo-Bak TRAX Spinal traction device is for you.

Get yours on the Amazon.

18. Unshrinkit, the only way to still fit in your high school jeans*.


*I don’t know if this will help you fit into your high school jeans, but it supposedly helps you un-shrink other stuff. $69.95.

19. Eco Nuts, which is also what I assume Al Gore calls his testicles.



Allegedly these reduce drying time by 10%-25%. Price: $23.99.

20. Simply Fit, the workout balance board I’d probably die trying.

Get your core jacked for $50.

21. Plate Topper, the ideal leftover storage solution for people as lazy as me.

Why bust out a bunch of Tupperware when you can just keep your leftovers on the plate you’re going to use later anyway? $12 for 2.

22. Hatch Baby!

This might be classic over-parenting, but using built-in Wi-Fi you can keep track of your baby’s weight, feeding habits, diaper changes, and more.

Beats logging it manually, which is what I did with my firstborn. 

Not exactly cheap though.

23. Lonely people, give yourself a back massage with the Q-Flex.

Optimized for acupressure and deep tissue massage. $24.

24. The Drain Strain no-clog sink stopper.

No more clogs, guaranteed. $13.99.

25. The Drop Stop will keep you from losing your phone every time you slam on your brakes.

Get it for $20.

26. NerdWax, the best way to keep your glasses from falling off during sex or other sweaty activities.

This is the #1 selling Shark Tank product to date. Get it for $20.

27. This motion-activated toilet night light.

Nothing more painful than having to turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night. This light is not only motion-activated and subtle, but it changes colors.

Get it for $15.

28. A bullet beer opener, made from real U.S. Military shell casings.

Just going to steer clear of this one politically and tell you to get one for $13.

29. SockTabs prevent you from losing the socks you wear on your feet and may or may not use for “other things,” you pervert.


Get them on “the Amazons” for $22.99

30. This broom with a retractable scraper so you can actually get that sticky spot off the floor instead of just ignoring it and hoping the dog licks it up.

The SweepEasy Scrape and Go Broom may look silly, but you know what looks silly? Bending down every 30 seconds to scrape the crud off the floor. Just get one and make your life easier already.

31. The GreatClip Haircutting tool, because let’s face it, giving yourself your own quarantine haircut is ill-advised.

If you’re in desperate need of a haircut and still a little too concerned to head out to a traditional hair salon, maybe this is a good stop-gap measure? Get yours here.

32. Massage your feet in a way that’ll make foot-fetishists jealous…

Relieve pain caused by high arches, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, heel spurs, and long hours spent on your feet with the SOLEMENDER.

33. These bamboo paper towels that you can wash and reuse.

If you grew up poor like me, you feel a bit of guilt every time you “waste” a paper towel. Not to mention it’s bad for the environment. These re-usable paper towels will solve both of those problems. Get them here.

Note, we may or may not receive a portion of the sales generated from these products, which we will almost assuredly turn around and spend on weird products just like these.

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