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Man Asks If He’s In The Wrong For Telling His GF She Needs To Shave Her Legs

There are some things that are just so offensive, weird, or just plain yikes that they deserve a Reddit forum. And sometimes you need a Reddit forum or social media backlash to remind you that you are, in fact, a questionable human being. Look, everyone exists on some part of the a-hole spectrum, but some people are just way more a-hole than others. And it shows. Luckily, the Reddit community never minces their words; you can count on them to let you know when you’re out of line.

So when one super charming dude asked Reddit: “Am I The A-hole for telling my girlfriend that she needs to shave her legs?” the responses were…in abundance. And abundantly honest.

Here’s the scoop: The guy says he doesn’t want to be seen as a misogynist, but his girlfriend is “high maintenance” and controlling, partly because she likes a clean house and prefers that he shower when he’s dirty).

Oh, and she should shave her legs because it’s “bad enough” she doesn’t wear makeup. 

 This summarizes everything about the world:

HEAR, HEAR! This just in: YTA!!!

It’s funny that enjoying basic human hygiene is “high maintenance,” but telling a woman she’s “disgusting” for not shaving her legs is totally cool. (It’s not.)

Also, we agree with this (see above):

Not sure how he gets off calling her controlling when he’s trying to direct her bodily choices.


But also, can we talk about how much of a baller she is for doing this?

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