Guy Asks If He Was Wrong To Spread STD Rumor About Roommate Who Has Too Much Loud Sex

Let’s say you’re 22-years-old and you’re living in your college dorm. Your roommate is a total bro and he has loads of sex with random girls. In fact, “Josh” (or Topher or Brock or Brett or whatever his name is) gets so lucky he brings home girls two to four times a week (and these girls, you know, eat your food AND have sex super loudly). You’re sick of it, gosh darnit, so you tell your roommate to stop it—you’re trying to study, jeez!—but he says you’re slut-shaming him (lol). 

Do you live and let live, because it’s college and he’s 22 and college isn’t a monastery, or do you concoct a special, this-will-ensure-you-stop-getting-laid vindication plan?  

Reddit user u/Aitaa82627 asked the Reddit community over at AITA (Am I The A-Hole) whether or not he was in the wrong for,

“telling girls that [his roommate] probably has several STDs from sleeping around so much. I have no proof of this but since he slept with half the city it’s probably closer to the truth. I told the girls (specifically the last girl he slept with) that she should get tested for STDs.”

So what happened after he spread a vicious rumor about his roommate having STDs? “After that, we had no “visitors” and life was so much better.”

Here’s the deal, straight from the mouth of…sh*t-stirrers:

Yikes. So this is what humanity thinks of the OP (whose roommate thinks that he is, unsurprisingly, a sexually frustrated a-hole). First of all, way to make the stigma around STDs worse:

Slander is not only petty AF, but it’s also NOT OK, OP.

Update: They share a HOUSE. This isn’t one room, y’all.

There were some diplomatic POVs, too. Because, let’s be honest, they all kind of suck.

Honestly, this sums it up:

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