Woman Asks If She’s A Jerk For Not Eating The Healthy “Cake” Her YouTuber Sis Brought To Her Birthday

If your sister was a health buff with a habit of feeding you lame health foods on special occasions, would you suck it up and eat the damn stuff, or would you politely say, “I’d prefer real chocolate?”. It’s quite the conundrum, according to one Reddit user, u/amIornot56, who posted a plea for help to the AITA, or Am I The A-Hole Reddit.

They wrote, “Last year, my sister made a “cake” for my graduation party which was a spiced vegetable loaf of sorts which honestly did not taste great. I have a sweet tooth so this was a bit of a disappointment for me….I ate the loaf thing then without complaint but it’s not something I’d ever want for a celebration.”

Hard same. What the heck is a spiced vegetable loaf?

The OP continued to explain that her sister brought a “block of coconut and almond milk” to her birthday — which was, unsurprisingly, a disappointment. 

She writes:

“She went on about how this is really against her way of life and what she believes and that if I was truly healthy I wouldn’t crave cake and sweets etc but then relented and said she will bring a healthy cake….Yesterday she showed up with this block of “ice cream cake” which was essentially a block of frozen coconut and almond milk with some maple syrup. I was pretty disappointed again and after taking one bite refused to eat the rest of it.”

The OP wrote, “My sister made a big deal about me refusing to eat the cake. She said I was being a brat and that she was only trying to make our family make better choices.”

People had some thoughts about this not-so-sweet (get it?) situation:

Lots of people made fun of her sister (which was a nice reprieve from the uber-shaming health nut peanut-gallery trolling the internet):

Well-said. Everyone wants a REAL cake, Jesus ever-loving Christ.

“Your birthday cake is not her journey,” is the most profound thing EVER written about a birthday cake.

These tweets sum it all up pretty well:

Finally, THIS:

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