Guy Told He’s A Jerk For Cussing Out His GF After She Called His Sister’s Thighs “Chunky”

A man posting under the name u/bluebells-in-disguis shared a story with lots of twists and turns on r/AmITheA**hole recently. I went from not being on his side to being on his side just by reading the title, “AITA for telling my girlfriend to shut the f—k up after she insulted my sisters’ thighs?”

Okay, bad that you told her to STFU, but the reason why is good?? Complicated. The OP says that he is 30 and his sister is 12, and she’s staying with him during quarantine because their parents are vulnerable. While their folks were always around and supportive, the OP did a lot of caretaking of his sister, because his parents don’t speak English and he could be there for her in situations where she needed someone who could navigate life more easily in the English language. He says they have a trusting and close relationship.

Anyway my girlfriend was FaceTiming me and my sister walked past in shorts and a t shirt cuz it’s hot. My gf waited til my sister had left the area ( but not the room) and made a face and said ‘maybe feed her less OP, her thighs are kinda chunky’

I saw red and told her to shut the f*ck up (just came out my mouth) and immediately ended the call. My sister is a bit chubby but ffs who says stuff like that about a 12 year old girl.

Literally. Everybody. I. Know. Has been texting me that I’m a POS boyfriend and that how can I disrespect my gf like that. I am expecting an apology from HER but to my shock everybody is expecting ME to apologize.

So Reddit, AITA?

Wow. First of all, I must admit I love the impulse. In adolescence, girl’s bodies change a lot and they’re incredibly vulnerable to criticism. Who knows how she’ll look in another year or two? She’s going through puberty. And if she gets to adulthood with thick thighs, THAT’S ALSO OKAY.

There is nothing bad or wrong or ugly about it. It’s just not the unnaturally thin standard society tries to impose on every body. It’s none of his girlfriend’s business anyway, and she should definitely know better.

A lot of people on Reddit basically said the same thing, sharing their own painful memories of people making rude and critical comments about their bodies from that age. A lot of them were baffled that anyone would expect the OP to apologize, let alone everyone.

Either the GF is lying about what went down, or there’s a chunk of story missing:


While most people said the OP was definitely not in the wrong, a couple of people felt everyone was in the wrong. While the OP shouldn’t allow these comments, it’s a bit childish to curse at your girlfriend and then hang up on her:

But it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be his girlfriend much longer, either way.

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