Man Is Mad His Girlfriend Bought A $50 Vintage Purse, Asks If He’s Being Unreasonable

Today’s Reddit AITA entry—”Am I The A-hole”—is a doozy. The user u/Business-Context asked a pretty straight-forward question: Is he a jerk for judging the fact that his girlfriend spent $50 on a used, vintage Coach purse?

The issue? His girlfriend doesn’t want to spend her hard-earned money on name-brand, overpriced purses—so she went online, found a purse (a classic, one might add) she liked and bought it for a fraction of the original price.

So, the OP wanted to know if he’s the a-hole for telling her she wasted her money on some “old as s—t” purse.

He continued to explain that his girlfriend explained to him that she wasn’t spending untoward money on new purses and that the Coach purse she got was a classic—durable and time-tested. She asked him to be happy that she was happy, but he couldn’t just let it go. 

He then explained that his girlfriend didn’t make much money and that he thinks the purse might just “fall apart,” rendering her expenditure useless (since, you know, he should be in control of her financial choices?).

After flipping out, he asked another female friend whether he was right to get mad or night, and she said he didn’t know what he was talking about (which sounds about right). 

Obviously, people had some stuff to say about this OP, who, let’s be honest, is clueless and controlling. First of all, a Coach purse at $50 is a darn good deal.

Everyone should have a solid Coach purse, especially this OP’s girlfriend, who deserves good things. To clarify, “good things” does not include her boyfriend. 

We’re 100 percent positive she thinks she’s 100 percent right, because she is 100 percent correct. 

Here’s a thought: Maybe he’s a waste of time, money, and energy?

“One of these” is a good way of describing a crappy human:

Imagine knowing almost 30,000 human beings think you’re an a-hole? Yup. 

Our ending argument:

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