Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong For Leaving Husband’s ‘Affair Baby’ With Her Mother-In-Law While She Vacations

It’s tough when someone cheats on you. And it’s gotta be even tougher when that someone manages to have a baby with “the other guy/girl”

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An affair baby would be a constant reminder of how my partner let me down, and frankly, I’m not sure I have it in me to forgive someone for that.

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Redditor u/Consistent_Field_900 sure has a way with words over on the Am I The Assh*le Subreddit. Check it — this is how she phrased just the question:

“WIBTA if I leave my husband’s affair baby with my MIL while the rest of us go on vacation”

Uh, girl, yeah?

But you know I like to review the entire post with you before passing RAMPANT judgment, so let’s dive in:

My (f38) husband (f58) has a child from an affair he had a couple years ago. I forgave my husband but I can not force myself to see his son as my stepson.

Well, this lady does not know what forgiveness is. She’s obviously still furious and just taking it out on the kid.

The custody arraignment is that my husband has him every other week , Christmas and most Christmas vacation this year, falls on the days that he has him. I have an annual trip that me and few of the other housewives put together for all of families.

The dad gets his kid about half of the time and this year, he gets lots of time over Christmas break. But step-mom-from-hell has a trip …and guess who she doesn’t want to take.

His ex-mistress, Leah is refusing to take him for just this week I told her she’s being selfish and that she should want to spend Christmas with her son she said that so should my husband.

The kid’s mom pointed out that the dad should want to spend Christmas with his son. Guess who Dad sided with…

My husband agreed with me so we decided we would drop him and his presents off to my MIL.

The wife. OP. Ugh. This poor kid. So Dad & step-mom dropped the son off with Dad’s mother (OP’s mother in law) and ran off on a vacation.

When Leah found out she was furious she said I’m being selfish I told her she’s the last one to be talking about being selfish and she has no control over what my husband does with the child during the time he has custody of him.

Leah was pissed because YEAH. NO SHIT.

My oldest daughter (f18) told me she agrees with Leah and that there’s no reason why he’s being punished for their affair . I told her to stay in a child’s place and that if she keeps this up she’ll be joining him.

OP’s daughter agreed with Leah and said her mom was punishing the kid for the affair. THEN OP SAID THIS TO HER EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD ADULT DAUGHTER: “stay in a child’s place and that if she keeps this up she’ll be joining him.”

Ugh, I can’t with this lady.

So let’s make sure Reddit agrees with us because, YUCK:


What a horrible woman.

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