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Mom Asks If She Was Wrong To Fire Teen Babysitter Who Accidentally Got Drunk On Hard Seltzer

Finding good childcare can be difficult—especially during a pandemic. If you find someone you trust and whom your children like, hold on tight! Will there be issues sometimes? Of course. But it’s important to keep communication open—which is what exactly didn’t happen in this Redditor’s story of how her 16-year-old babysitter got accidentally drunk on alcoholic seltzer she didn’t realize was alcoholic. 

“My (37F) babysitter (16F) has been babysitting for me for about 2 months. She’s a very sweet and quiet girl and is good with the kids (4F and 8M), we’ve only had small problems here and there but nothing major at all. When she first started babysitting for me I had asked her if there were any drinks or snacks that she’d like me to keep at the house as she’s here from 9-7 every day Monday through Saturday. She mentioned that she really liked seltzer water and I had bought them for the first month, but honestly I forgot after a while and never kept any in the fridge,” the OP writes. 

“A few days ago I bought hard seltzer’s for me and my husband, and didn’t think anything of it. A little bit after 2 pm she messaged me that she wasn’t feeling well and thought that she may have to go home, if it was possible if I could get off from work earlier. I asked her to try and hold out until the end of the day. Not too long after she called me crying, saying that something was wrong and she had to go home.” 

It turns out the babysitter had consumed the hard seltzer not realizing they were alcoholic—and she had gotten drunk. The OP told her to leave and made the drunk babysitter walk home alone, which is not excellent judgment in any situation. 

“She messaged me the next day and said that she now knew that hard seltzer’s were alcohol, and she hadn’t know, she never drank before as both of her parents were alcoholics and she has diagnosed PTSD regarding alcohol, she never planned on drinking in general.”

“I told her not to come back as she put my children in danger. She called me crying and saying that she didn’t know, and that she cared deeply about my children and would never ever drink with them, or at all, and that she needs the money to pay for her drivers permit. I told her to find a real job and that it wasn’t my fault she got drunk. My husband says I’m being very rude and that she did try to reach out when she wasn’t feeling well. My kids are upset to see her go.” 

While of course it’s upsetting to see your children in a dangerous situation, there’s a lot going on here that Redditors were only too happy to point out. 

“You’re an ungodly asshole. Those seltzers are newish in the alcohol world and I wouldn’t expect someone who hates alcohol to know that. How mature of her to let you know. How immature of you to do what you did,” said Ehhlnoy

“Babysitting is definitely a real job, especially considering she worked for you 60 hours a fucking week. Even if it isn’t entirely your fault that she got drunk (though I definitely believe it was your fault), she did the responsible thing in telling you what happened and explaining that it was an honest mistake. I feel sorry for her and your kids, because they’re losing someone that seems caring and responsible, and they’re probably very attached to her. I hope she finds a better family to babysit for,” said Grindelwalds_Bitch.

“She found out the 16yo girl was drunk and told her to walk home alone?? OP doesn’t mention how far she lives but that is ridiculously unsafe to send a young girl who has never had alcohol before off on her own while drunk. You are not just THE asshole here, you sound like you are an asshole in general,” said evildore

“And OP should probably be prepared to store such bottles clearly out of reach because once their kids get old enough to peruse the fridge, they’re going to drink what they think is water or soda without reading labels either. You owe that young woman a sincere apology, or at least one with a little bonus tip,” advised Fettnaepfchen.

“This young woman works 60 hours a week (I hope you are paying her very very well for that), you asked her about snacks or drinks and then ‘forgot’ for awhile, she saw what looked like seltzer water and made a mistake. And for all of her hard work you told her to get a real job? She also immediately called you and said she wasn’t feeling well and your response was for her to stick it out for the day? What is wrong with you? Oh and you also made her walk home in the state. Which just adds to TA of all of this,” sheramom4 observed. 

Turns out the OP listened to what Redditors had to say and updated her post. 

“Okay guys, I’m the asshole. I see it now. Thank you. I’ll hire her again. I will pay her $1500 a week from now on. And pay for her permit and test. As well as her license test.” 

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