Husband Buys Wife A Car To Replace The One Her Ex-BF Bought Her—Without Permission

Marriages are give-and-take partnerships. You’re never going to get everything you want and you’re always going to have to compromise, especially on big decisions and anything involving money.

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That’s why there are so many shows highlighting the drama between couples trying to find a house.

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Second, to homes, cars are usually the biggest purchases a couple makes. They also involve a lot of variables—safety, reliability, resale value, aesthetics, gas mileage, etc. There’s a lot to talk about, and a lot to compromise on.

Redditor u/moonriver_1008 posted on r/AmITheAssh*le with an odd situation where she felt she was being forced to compromise on a car by her husband. And honestly? The nerve.

OP’s husband doesn’t like the Jeep her ex-boyfriend bought for her and wants her to trade it in for a BMW with almost four times the mileage.

An ex-boyfriend bought me a 2019 Jeep Cherokee (35,000 miles) and my husband hates the car. He wants me to trade this car for a 2012 BMW X5 (127,000 miles) because he test drove it and it’s faster than my jeep and apparently it’s safer for me and our baby.

She flat-out and emphatically refused, citing the mileage on the car.

I said NO. NO. NO. 30k miles for 127k miles?!? Not to mention the costs of repairs.

But what did her husband do? He went behind her back and bought the old BMW anyway. On top of that? He wants her to sell her Jeep to pay him back. WHAT?

He went ahead and bought the BMW and is waiting for me to sell my car so I can pay him back.

Also, the BMW has tons of issues and she hasn’t even driven it yet.

The BMW already has issues. Bluetooth doesn’t work, none of the electronic ports work. He drives the BMW to work. I’ve never even sat in the driver’s seat.

She’s refusing to sell her (working and practically new!) car to pay her husband for the jalopy he bought behind her back.

I still have my Jeep. I refuse to cash out my Jeep for a car I didn’t want to buy in the first place.

OP added an edit to answer how she ended up driving the car an ex-boyfriend gave her when she’s married to someone else.

ETA: since the relationship timeline was in question: ex-boyfriend situation happened while then-baby daddy and I were separated. We reconciled and got married two weeks ago… Ex-boyfriend refused to take the car back after I offered.

She wants to know if she’s the jerk in this situation, and just like her Reddit said “NO. NO. NO.”

Some speculated her husband was motivated jealousy and advised her to trade him in too.

Hope he likes his car, he may just lose a wife.

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