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Woman Asks ‘AITA’ For Insulting Couples’ Parenting Skills After Their Kid Hurt Her ‘While Doing Something Stupid’

Traveling with a child is hard, especially after a long flight. No one is at their best! There’s whining and leg pain and the need to just scream into the abyss. If you’re lucky, your baggage hasn’t been lost and there’s a convenience store nearby so you can load up on snacks. However, it’s never a good idea to literally skateboard around an airport — no matter how bored or stir crazy you are.

One Redditor got knocked over by a pre-teen tooling around on his skateboard and got into an altercation with the parents. Too much or too little?

“After a long flight I (23F) was standing at baggage claim waiting for them to start sending the bags out. There was a family who’s kid (10-12M) was literally skateboarding around in the baggage claim area,” the OP writes.

“He kept getting in people’s way but nobody said anything until the little brat ran into me. He knocked me over and it hurt really badly and they said nothing. I was furious so as another man was helping me up I look at his parents and said very sarcastically, ‘good decision. I think letting him ride a skateboard inside in a crowded room was a great choice. A+’. The mom started getting in my face and yelling at me and her husband pulls her away and they go to the other side of the baggage carousel.”

“I’m normally a very passive people pleaser so I’m second guessing my choice to say that, but I think it was justified with how fucking stupid their choice to allow that was and how much pain it caused me (I have a few bruises they hurt).”

Was this woman too harsh to those parents? Or did they need a reality check?

“NTA. What you said was spot on and absolutely justified. I don’t see how that woman could have yelled ANYTHING that could have put them in the right,” said


“Seriously… someone needed to call them out on it, before he crashes into someone’s grandma or runs himself into dangerous equipment or something else that ends up in the hospital,” said


“NTA. Skateboarding indoors in a place not expressly meant for it is shit behavior. The kid’s parents sucked for not managing their child. Given the circumstances, your actions were not at all out of line,” noted


“NTA. Might not have been the most tactful thing to say, but sometimes parents need a slap in the face to get back to reality. Letting a kid skateboard in a crowded indoor place is absolutely not a good idea, and they should have been MORTIFIED that he knocked someone over,” explained


“NTA. If they were decent people, they should have apologized to you and helped you up and made sure you were okay. Of course if they were decent they wouldn’t have allowed their brat to run wild in the first place. They are obviously not decent people nor are they good parents. They are also very lucky that you weren’t seriously hurt, because you could have sued the daylights out of them. You are not an AH for giving them a piece of your mind,” assured


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