Woman Refuses To Go On Vacation With BF’s Rich Family After They Book Her A Coach Ticket

Traveling with a significant other’s family for the first time can be stressful! But imagine if you get to the airport and your SO’s mother tells you that out of eight travelers, you’re the only one who is flying coach — and that you should be “grateful.”

One Redditor who comes from a working-class family decided that she had taken enough of her wealthy boyfriend’s mother’s abuse — and stormed out of the airport.

A good move, if you ask me.

“My boyfriend’s parents paid for them, my boyfriend’s siblings and their SO to all go on a flight to Cabo for spring break. Becky his mom hasn’t seem to like me for some reason she always makes snide remarks about my parents’ blue collar jobs and my field is nursing.”

“We get to the airport and Becky got 7 other people first class tickets and me 1 coach ticket. She told me I was used to it and she had a free coach ticket so I should be grateful for going. They all did their express check ins and left me in the long line for me to think about what the heck is going on. I had to keep from crying the whole time in line. I got up to the counter and there was a baggage fee to me. My boyfriend at the time never once helped me through the coach line or said anything to his mom.”

“I looked over at his mom’s smug face as I was about to pay the checked baggage fee. And I let all of my frustrations out on the attendant and started crying. Basically she said don’t go with that family sweetie they don’t appreciate you. Continues to cry and took my luggage and got out and got out of line with the super sweet check in woman. I was so upset on how I was treated and started crying on my boyfriend in the airport about how his mother was treating me.”

“I broke up with him at the airport and his mother was so embarrassed. I told her what a b*tch she was. My boyfriend has been blowing up my phone saying how could I do that to his mother and just back out of a vacation very last minute and wasted everyone’s time and money.”

Redditors agreed that the OP had every right to get out of this toxic situation.

“NTA, the check in lady was correct. If you would have got on the plane, you would have been treated like this for the entire vacation. It was absolutely the right decision to stand up for yourself. As far as wasting money, she said the ticket was free and I’m sure she didn’t spend much on your hotel accommodations. As far as wasting time, you wasted enough of your own time on a relationship with your boyfriend if he isn’t going to stand up for you. They are going to say that you should be happy for any kind of vacation and not look down on a coach ticket, but his mother was being pointedly rude to you,” said Complex-Lemon.

“Goddamn, I hope nice things happen to that check in lady. Public-facing airport employees are one of the professions that’s really been made to eat sh*t in the last couple years, and the fact that this person still has the bandwidth for a life-changing amount of compassion is super impressive. And not only did OP not waste anything she should feel bad about, she provided a public fucking service to the rest of this shitty family by dragging this passive-aggressive conflict into the light. The other SOs got important information about their MIL, because surely she’ll have to fixate on another one of them to haze (and she’ll probably use the vacation as an opportunity to do so, since she has all these frustrations to vent about being “embarrassed”!). And OP’s ex and his siblings were all confronted with what is sure to be a defining problem in their personal lives — do you prioritize mommy and her money at the cost of letting your SO be treated like sh*t and potentially never having a healthy romantic relationship? They may well opt to keep doing that, but at least they can’t deny that those are the terms anymore,” explained yet_another_sock.

“The fact she got seven (7)!!! other people first class tickets and yet magically the budget ran out when it came to you tells you everything you need to know OP. Boyfriends mom was pulling a most a*sholish power play on you, indirectly saying you’re not good enough for the family by directly refusing to let you fly in first class with them. “Hahahahah let’s put the garbage in second class where she belongs” – I bet she thought she was so damn smart with that move lol. The fact that boyfriend didn’t even speak up once in your favor shows that he’s so deep in mommy’s back pocket that he’s either willfully or unknowingly refusing to recognise her appalling behavior and that’s a major red flag as well. As in run for the hills red flag. You’re on the ground right now, but in the future you’re free to soar and find someone far better than a spineless momma’s boy and his garbage family,” said mumismatist.

“NTA! Good for you! Had you gone, you would have been mistreated the whole time and I bet you anything, you would have made to feel like this vacation was a handout to you. The mother should have either bought everyone coach, gotten you a first class ticket, or your AH boyfriend should have switched his ticket and allowed you to sit in fc. That would have been the gentleman thing to do. OH AND YOU DIDN’T EMBARRASS HIS MOMMY! She did that all to herself and she’s feeling that way, because deep down she knows what she did was rotten and that makes her, TAH,” said WillLoveCoffee4Ever1

“NTA. You got out of a really miserable situation. His mother would likely continue to treat you like second class scum, and he would defend her and allow her to do so. Breaking up with him was the best thing you could have done for the peace and happiness of your future self. If he’s going to blow up your phone about his mom and her ‘waste of time and money,’ block him. You don’t owe this piece of sh*t family anything, certainly not free space in your head and added stress,” advised Shrek-Wife666.

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