CEO Asks Employees To “Donate PTO Days” To Sick Worker Rather Than Extending Their Leave, Then Obvi Gets Roasted

If you talk about PTO to almost any non-American, they will look at you like you’re crazy. Here in the US, we have a very unhealthy relationship with work, and practically have to beg for time off.

CEOs, while obviously not running a charity, tend to greedily grind every bit they can from their workers. Kind of seems like raising profits steadily each year at the cost of other ain’t a great system for human beings. 

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In a letter posted on the workplace wall, the CEO of a company posted this notice:

“We have a long-term employee of 17 years from our dietary department who has been in the hospital and rehab for several months. She has exhausted all her PTO days, and her benefits are running out. As you can imagine, this has been quite the drain on her family’s income…”

Oh, did you think this letter would end up with the CEO explaining that he would reward this long time employee’s loyalty? Hahahaha, no. Instead it’s a WILDLY out-of-touch solution passed on to the workers.

An image of the notice was posted on Reddit, and that when people came in with the pitchforks and angry comments.

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“If anyone at any company has the power to just give PTO days to a 17-year veteran of the business, you would think it would be the president and CEO. But. I. Guess. Not.” – u/Greenfire32 

“My job did something similar. I got hired and was asked if I’d be willing to donate part of my check to some company fund to help ‘those who can’t work.’ Like, bruh, I was only being paid $12 an hour at part-time hours.” – u/itachiman95

“I work in a school district. When I first started about eight years ago, I got these emails maybe one to two times a year. But for some reason, I’ve gotten six of these emails this year alone. It’s absurd that they would to ask this. And this isn’t even coming from a ‘for-profit’ company but a public school.” – u/lmidor

“I had a boss once at a big, multimillion dollar company. Maybe 100-150 employees. One of the programmers lost his child to SIDS. Horrible. The boss’s secretary was asking in a meeting what type of flowers the company should send. He basically said, ‘Fuck that. Pay for everything. Funeral, everything. And when he feels OK to come back to work, he can. No loss in pay.’ It was about two months, I think, that he was out.” – u/popupideas

“We had an amazing worker who went through some serious medical issues and burned all of his PTO and sick days. So, my boss just didn’t bring it up, and he was getting paid the whole time. No sense going broke for something that’s not your fault’ were my boss’s exact words. Our whole department will quit if this man leaves.” – u/Lobsterbib

Have you had problems with PTO at your company? Is the CEO kind of a dick? I’m guessing most of you have at least experienced a little of this. What do you think the solution is? We’d love to hear!