This Online Discussion Has People Deciding If Not Liking Dogs Is A Dealbreaker

If your 5 German Shepards sleep on your bed with you or if your living room is filled with sand to make a giant litter box for your cats, you should probably warn anyone you are considering bringing home. It’s a good thing to have standards! If a potential partner doesn’t meet your obsession for dogs things might not work out. It’s probably better to give them the boot before they find out you let them lick you on the mouth. 

Dog lovers on Reddit are discussing the right thing to do when someone seems to not share your passion for dogs and how to decide where the line is. Huge relationship pro-tip: talk about anything that’s a big deal to you on the first date. It will save you a lot of heartbreak later on. 

People share their opinions if this is a deal-breaker or not:

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Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.