Well, Isn’t That Mildly Interesting (19 Pics)

When it’s not the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s not, not interesting, it’s mildly interesting.

Worth the time, in any event.

Here are some of the most mildly interesting pictures on r/Mildlyinteresting thread recently.

1. My airplane bathroom had a window in it.


2. Chairs at my new job have rollerblade wheels so we can roll quietly.


3. Office building that’s inside…. But looks like it’s outside.


4. My cat sitting on the back of my chair makes it look like she’s wearing a leather jacket.


5. Left: A painting from 1892, right: the same spot in 2020.


6. My Kid’s Jacket Has Multiple Name Spaces to Facilitate Hand-Me-Downs.


7. This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor.


8. This hidden sloth on my Brew Dr Kombucha.


9. This hole in the wall showing the original wallpaper from 1885.


10. This bottle of wine that was left on my freezing porch.


Jason Mustian

Jason is a Webby winning, Short-Award losing humor writer and businessman. He lives in Texas with his amazing wife and four sometimes amazing kids. All opinions are mine and very dumb.