People Are Sharing The Spooky “Glitch In The Matrix” Moments They Experienced

To the delight of some and the frustration of many there are some things in life that you just can’t explain—a glitch in the matrix, if you will.

There are moments where reason and knowledge simply fail us and we are left to either throw up our hands in confusion or attribute the matter to some unknown force. For some, this is evidence of the supernatural while others will argue that there is simply much about the universe that we don’t know. Either way, the conversation is fascinating.

So when the ever-inquisitive Reddit forum r/AskReddit asked users: “What’s your creepiest “glitch in the matrix” or unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you?” the response was huge.

True believers and skeptics alike will agree that some of these “glitch in the matrix” experiences are…very hard to explain. 


Removed a painting from the wall during a late evening cleaning, put it away and returned to the wall to see a never before seen painting on the same spot, put a chill down my spine



I was on vacation on Florida visiting a friend, we were walking on the beach on a perfectly sunny day when everything went black for a second. I think it was weird but explained it away thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me until he looked at me and said “did everything go black for a second?” –mrsbmw330xi


Taking the trash out at night, super remote area so I know for a fact we’re the only ones around here, getting close to the road and I hear very clearly “help me” from a female voice. Even knowing there’s such a slim chance of there being another living person around, I still feel like I should look around and check it out in case I wasn’t just hearing things and someone actually needs help. Take about two steps in the direction I thought I heard it, hear a giggle in the same exact voice, turn around and walk promptly back up the driveway because fuck that shit. Anyone who actually needed help wouldn’t be laughing, I don’t think. –Radirondacks


I’ve told this story before and could go into a ton of detail but here’s the short version.

I am 100% sure I vividly remember a dog that apparently doesn’t exist. When I was 16 we lived on the other side of the province and my uncle had this little jack russell named Crue. Crue went missing for several months and then turned up at a humane society over an hour away and we were all shocked this little dog has made it so far.

anyway that was almost 20 years ago and the other day I was talking to my parents and was like you know “whenever I hear about Jack Russells I think about Crue and that stunt he pulled” and they had no idea what I was talking about. Insisted my uncle had never had such a dog, I must have dreamed it, etc. Honestly anyone else who would have remembered this dog has been dead for a long time and I don’t even have any pictures of my uncle. I have absolutely no way to prove this dog existed but I’m sure that he did. –bustypirate


Weird but happy. About 5 years ago in November we lost our family dog to cancer. She was the dog my children grew up with, loved by all. At the next Christmas, at the end of the day of gifts, food and family, as I was picking up, I found a tiny pewter dog figurine sitting on the mantel. I asked everyone who had been at the house that day if they left it. No one had. Okay, weird, but took it as a good omen. When my eldest went back to college at the end of that Christmas break, he asked if he could take the little figurine, to remember his dog. Of course, I said yes. A week or two later, picking up around the house, there was the figurine again! I called my son, and said, “You forgot the dog figurine!” He said, “No I didn’t, it’s right in front of me on my desk!” I had now found a second figurine!! Again, no one claimed any knowledge of it. No idea how….but I still have the two of them tucked away on a shelf to this day. –cowgirlinthesand2


This reminds me of when I was in dance as a little girl. I remember throwing my dance shoe over my shoulder as I was getting ready in my room. When I turned around to grab it I couldn’t find it anywhere. My mom and I searched for 10 minutes before we decided to leave without the shoe so we wouldn’t be too late to practice. We found the slipper in my winter boot by the porch just as we were leaving, which was across the house from where I was when I tossed my slipper. –Eveonne3


I was driving about 50 mph, and a car ran a stop sign on an on ramp and pulled out right in front of me. I remember bracing for impact and then I was about 300 yards down the highway and I saw the car at the ramp in my rearview, just about to pull out. –Chaithecat


Lost my ring, but knew exactly where. I left it on the bed, then took the covers off and forgot about it. The next morning it was gone for 6/7 days. Every day, Flashlight under bed, next to bed, no big area where it could be lost, should be easy to see, but it was gone.

I too said: “Ok, enough bring it back now!” Little people (Native American), gnomes, fairies, whatever, whomever likes to mess with my stuff and likes shiny things. Took a shower after saying to bring it back, got the intuition to look one more time, and there it was, smack dab in the middle of the floor. reminds me a lot of your story. –greengrasswatered


About two years ago, I went to collect my husband from the ferry after work. My husband got into the car and as I was driving very slowly out of the car park we both noticed two people standing a few metres in front of our car. It looked as though they were strangers, older looking professionals, both walking to their separate cars in different areas of the car park. The man was reaching into his side bag and the lady was further ahead than the man, with her head turned to the right. I know the exact positions they were in because they were completely frozen on the spot! My husband and I sat there watching the frozen strangers, not saying anything to each other and then all of a sudden it was like someone pressed play and the two strangers just continued on like nothing had happened. My husband and I promised to each other that we would never forget how weird the experience was. I can’t remember exactly how long they stayed frozen like that but it was long enough to freak us both out! –Watermelly3


1985. My ex wife and I were sleeping. There was a small sliver of light coming in through the window from a streetlight, so the room and bed were dimly visible. Our black Pomeranian was at the end of the bed asleep.

I dreamt that I woke up, reached down to pet him, and he turned into a glossy black bivalve/oyster thing which opened up to reveal rows of gleaming glass teeth. I woke up to my ex backpedalling up the bed over the pillows towards the wall.

I asked “what’s wrong??” She said, “what is that shiny black clam thing with the teeth at the end of the bed?? Where’s the dog?”

We had had the same nightmare at the same time. This still gives me a chill. –KitKeating


I remember driving my car to this intersection in this rural area and I’m checking both sides because of terrible blind spots. In the corner of my eye my mother is sitting there and says something like “it’s all clear my way”

I look back and she isn’t there. My mother had been dead for a few years at this point. This was also in the middle of the day and I’ve never had it happen since. –mYl1ttl3PWNY


I have a good one.

I was about 12 years old, and woke up in the middle of the night needing to take a leak.

I walked across the hall to the little bathroom, hit the lights, and was about to reach for the toilet when I glanced up and saw a face in the mirror.

It was not my face.

It was as if someone was on the other side, standing to the right, with their face right next to the glass, staring at me. I only saw it for the briefest moment, but it is seared into my brain.

I screamed, and ran out of there to find my Dad. Of course, my dad investigated, then calmed me down, or tried to. Eventually we had a prayer session, because I was so freaked out. Eventually I must have gone back to sleep…

Fast forward to my 30s. I’d forgotten all about the event. One night while visiting, my dad quietly brings it up. “Remember that one time you saw a face in the mirror…”. It suddenly came back to me in a rush of memory, sending a chill down my spine. “Yea, I remember”

“Well…” he said, “I sometimes think about that night.” He looked down at the floor, with a serious expression. “I saw it too.”

He went on to describe exactly what I’d seen. We have no idea what that was. Apparently when he investigated, he saw it and had a freak out of his own. Apparently the prayer session was as much for his own nerves as mine.

I respect him for keeping that tidbit from me till my thirties, but I kinda wish he’d never told me. –liberatedman


When the song “The Final Countdown” was released in the 80s, I already knew it. It was brand new, just released, but I knew the tune and the words and could sing the whole thing beginning to end. I believed for a while that it was a cover version, but it wasn’t. –zootnotdingo


When I was a child my sister and I were walking home from the park and a man called “help!” We found an open manhole and could hear the man calling for help, but we could not see him. I was 9 and panicking thought we should crawl in to help. My sister (11) had the good instinct to get our parents. When we came back with them the man was gone. As an adult I can see the whole thing was a ploy- the manhole right next to the park. It makes complete sense but is still so creepy. –MassageToss


So this has always bothered me. I was 13 years old at the time and my dad was a coal miner. He worked 3rd shift (known as the ‘hoot owl shift) which was midnight to noon. As such he got home around 2 pm and slept till around 9, got up had dinner with us and left for work.

My dad was always pretty gruff and constantly yelled at us if my younger brother or I made too much noise and woke him up after getting home from somewhere(which as an adult now I completely understand).

So one day I did something to wake him up, I forget what. Anyways he calls me back to the bedroom and I’m expecting to get a dressing down but he just looked at me and said.

“it’s ok. Come over here and give me a hug”. What 13 year old boy wants to hug their dad? I kinda squirmed a bit and he followed up with

“What if something happened to me?” and just layed there all grizzled and tired….. I didn’t hug him.

That night there was an accident in the mine. He saved everyone on his crew, including the one person he went back in for.

His was the only death, and I’m convinced he knew it was gonna happen. I’ll never forget his eyes that day

If someone asked you for a hug give it to them. I love you dad. –stuart404


A total of 3 times in my life I have had memories of seeing movies/movie trailers that hadn’t been made yet. It’s not even a feeling of Deja vu, it’s a clear vivid memory of seeing the movie before. –QueenOfTheYautja


I was driving during a snowstorm when a police car started driving next to me lights on, no sirens. I looked at the Officers but they didn’t look at me; they had a weird look on their face. Something was off. They accelerated just a little to pass me and then completely disappeared. I drove maybe 15 minutes on the road without seeing them anywhere. They couldn’t have gone really far, the roads conditions were terrible.

I was creeped out for a long time. –sonia72quebec


I was walking my dog and I was almost to the driveway when I looked down for some reason and I looked back up and I ended up being back at the road about 6 blocks away from where I thought I was. I was so confused but my dog looked completely fine.

FYI- I don’t drink or do drugs, I’m still pretty young –Stockero1


My wife passed away a year ago today. Had a some odd things happen like a couple of old meaningful pictures show up that I swore were in storage. The strangest one was I vacuumed the carpet and as soon as I was done a diamond ring was on the ground right where I had just cleaned. It was like she was saying “Hey this one is real don’t lose it!” –ynmkr


Two things. Each was witnessed by at least one other person and both were while driving. Once at a stop sign in a neighborhood. All of these little sparkles started swirling around in mid air roughly 3-4 ft off the ground out of nowhere. The group of them were roughly 2 ft wide by 3-4 ft tall. It lasted 3-5 seconds and then they were gone. No one was around and when I asked my passenger if he saw it too he breathed a sigh of relief and said yes. We spoke about it a little more but there is no reasonable explanation. The second happened when myself and 3 friends were driving down an empty country road. Very straight stretch. A man on a bike appeared. Someone said to watch out for him, so not to hit him and then he disappeared. Our minds were blown to say the least. Just “poof” and he’s gone.  –taterbugg82