People Are Sharing The Spooky “Glitch In The Matrix” Moments They Experienced


After my little brother was murdered the next morning I was talking with a friend and he mentioned this other dude I went to high school with younger brother had died in a car accident a couple weeks before.

Later that day I pull out a slip of paper with this other dudes number and name on it from my pants. I vaguely remember running into him a year or so before this at a club where he gave me his number.

I swear I had worn and washed these jeans at least a dozen times since I had run into this dude. I still makes no sense how that paper was there and I only found it then.

I call the dude and we talked a bunch it really help me deal with the situation.  –papahighscore


it isn’t creepy but.. when I was in high school I had a dream I was in all white class room (totally white, like the ones you would see in a dream), and a girl was sitting in the chair on my side. During the dream, I knew it was a dream because that girl was a senior; we didn’t have common classes .

about six years later, I was at a master class, the sun was shining bright outside, the classroom was very illuminated, and I see this girl on my side. We are doing masters together… and having a class, in all white fucking classroom.

Of course I remembered the dream at that very moment. –nijay2


The entire world have slowed down for me a couple of times in my life. My best guess is some kind of adrenaline spike causing my brain to go into overdrive. –Danne660


Every night I go to bed about two hours before my husband. I always wake up when he comes into the room. One night he was gaming with a friend and it was hours later I heard him sneak into the room and crawl across the floor so he could pop up and scare me. I felt the floor kind of shake and felt him bump clumsily against the side of the bed in the dark. I held out my hand and asked him not to scare me, I was already scared enough and begged him to just take my hand and come to bed. I couldn’t see anything in the room, but knew he was there and just waited for him to jump up so I could move on and go back to sleep. That’s when I heard him talking to his friend in the other room. I was frozen. I know there’s sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming or something that explains this, but I would have sworn on my sons life that someone had crawled across the floor and jostled the bed.

Eventually I worked out of the fear enough to grab my phone and text my husband to come in and turn on the lights and check under the bed. But holy shit, it boggles me how real it felt. –MckayofSpades


I was playing fetch with my master. I was enjoying running to catch the ball as he threw it and then I ran back and gave it back to him and he threw it again, and we kept doing this.

Then he threw the ball, and when I went to look for it, it had completely disappeared. Vanished. I vividly remember him throwing the ball but I looked everywhere and it was gone, couldnt even smell it. But heres the weirdest thing- when I look back, the ball has REMATERIALISED in masters hand from behind his back! This happened last summer and i still think about it to this day. –blackbirdpie

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