Woman Who Got Pregnant From A Tinder Hookup Is Wondering If It’s “Morally Wrong” To Keep Her Baby

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the birds and the bees to you, or if I do, you’re out of luck. It’s common knowledge however to prepare yourself when being intimate with someone of the opposite sex, especially when it comes to casual hookups.

I mean, it would be tragic to meet someone off of an app like Tinder for a night of fun and end up with a baby in your arms nine months later!

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Well, that’s exactly what is happening to Redditor (u/NvrEndingThotProcess). After finding out she was pregnant 5 weeks after a Tinder hookup, this already single mother came with a challenging question to the ‘BabyBumps’ subReddit.

She asked:

“Is it morally wrong to have this baby?”

Whoa! There’s a doozy of a question…but luckily wise Redditors came from far and wide to give this struggling woman some advice.

woman pregnant tinder hookup
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OP writes:

Just found out last week that I’m (29f) 5 weeks pregnant with my tinder hookups (32m) baby. I did let him know and he has pretty much begged me not to have the kid and to get an abortion. He claims he can’t even take care of himself and doesn’t want kids. He told me it’s not right for me to have it when It will only ever have one parent

After receiving her unpleasant response from the biological father, this woman went on to explain how she is fully capable of taking on another child.

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She’s financially stable, has already raised a 10-year-old, and has wanted more children for some time. Her mental contradictions deal directly with the father’s response.

In this situation, it’s somewhat fair for the dad to not want to be involved with the child.

Despite his choice to not (properly) use protection and his choice to get a girl pregnant, we’ll let this situation very loosely slide since the two are equally responsible for choosing to go on a Tinder date. However, to demand the mother (OP) get an abortion just because he can’t take care of himself is outrageous.

woman pregnant tinder hookup
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There’s no doubt that the two were simply partaking in a hookup since he just assumed the mother couldn’t take care of the child without him. The pair obviously didn’t conversate very much during their time together- and that’s okay! The real question is “would it be wrong to keep the baby and just never tell him?”

OP continued…

I make 6 figures, own my home, and my car, and have been the sole provider for my 10-year-old her entire life. I’m not worried about the same things he is. My question is of a more…..moral nature. Side note…I’ve wanted another baby for a long time. Years.

Would it be wrong of me to have this kid and just never tell him? I don’t know how to move forward.

Obviously, this Tinder baby would have a bit of a complicated life should the mother decide to keep it. A few tough questions make the stage.

For example, would the father come back in the future and attempt to be in the child’s life? Would the mother have to delete all social media (if any) forever to keep the father from finding out? Also, would this baby have severe daddy issues knowing that its father helped conceive them on something as lame as a Tinder hookup? All of these are valid questions (in my opinion).

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Luckily, Redditors came to the rescue and offered up some sound advice to this potential mother-to-be.

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woman pregnant tinder hookup
woman pregnant tinder hookup

What are your thoughts on this Tinder hookup pregnancy? Do you think this woman should tell the father the truth, or find a way to make both of them comfortable- even if it may involve a little lie?

Let us know!

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