Bride Asks If She’s A Bridezilla For Not Allowing Bridesmaids To Wear Black Stiletto Boots To Her Wedding

Should a bride have control over what her bridesmaids wear to the wedding?

That’s exactly the question a recent Reddit AITA thread is seeking to answer

Redditor u/inessathedruid turned to the endlessly entertaining AITA sub, asking if she was in the wrong for making one of her bridesmaids wear tan shoes instead of black stiletto boots she wanted to wear.

AITA for insisting my bridesmaid not wear black shoes at my wedding? – u/inessathedruid

The bridesmaid, who is also her sister, is putting her stubborn stilettoed foot down and refusing to make her sister happy for pretty much no reason.

You might be asking yourself, “why do I care about this? This is clearly a family issue that has nothing to do with me and I have better things to do.” I don’t really have a good answer for you, but you clearly have some time on your hands since you’ve read this far, seems like you don’t actually have better things to do. Might as well see what happens, right? 

This is how she started her request. Starts with some strong self-awareness! 

Really nice of her


Setting the scene, tension is building. 

Oh fuck no she didn’t 

Go touch grass 


Tell me about both of your childhoods before I make my decision. 

Make all your life choices based on Pinterest

People on Reddit had opinions that somehow weren’t “seek therapy”

Totally inappropriate. Speak your truth, Webbie Vanderquack!

That’s it, no one wears shoes now.

The bride explained the situation and it seems like her sister won’t be wearing the tan shoes, so here are some alternative options for this bride: 

  • Add 6 inches of fabric to the bottom of the sister’s dress. Not only will no one see the shoes, but she will also probably trip and embarrass herself.
  • Cancel the entire wedding, take 6 months to reflect, and seek therapy
  • Photoshop her sister’s shoes tan in every photo and make them look teensy tiny. Tell everyone she has a really nasty foot condition that makes them curl up like the Wicked Witch that syncs with her frequent herpes outbreaks.
  • I don’t know man. Steal every pair of shoes she owns and make her go barefoot? Line the aisle with glass shards and let people think she’s crying because she’s so moved by the ceremony? Just please, go touch some grass soon. 

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