Bridezilla Complains About Being Gifted $10 Towels, Gets Roasted

Have you ever received a gift that you just do not care for? It happens sometimes—and you might just smile and say, “thank you” and move on with your life.

One woman, who is being called a bridezilla on social media, found it necessary to complain about the Kmart towels she received from her best friend as a wedding shower gift and drummed up some controversy. Folks are arguing about whether she has the right to be upset or whether she is acting rude and entitled. 

The woman initially posted on a Facebook group called Brisbane Weddings, but then her post was shared on the Reddit “Bridezillas” forum: “Hey everyone, has anyone received any wedding gifts in the past that were a slap in the face? How did you deal with it?” she asked. “My partner and I had a very exclusive wedding, all inclusive, and the focus were our guests. Our best friend, husband and kids knew this and they gifted us 2 kmart towels, a total value of about $10. This hurt us a lot, as it was a slap in the face…We don’t know how to deal with it…any suggestions?” 

I mean, I have a few suggestions for her—like being grateful and never, ever using the phrase “exclusive wedding” again, but what advice did other folks have? 

“People who expect guests to ‘refund’ them the cost of their wedding are so gross to me. It’s not an event you throw to ‘break even.’ If you can’t afford it and are banking on people paying you back with gifts, it’s on you. Have a cheaper wedding. And Queensland was shut down for ages. A lot of people are now in financial distress. Screw this bride for her entitlement in a pandemic,” said DoNotReply111

“I know I’ll get slated for this, but I did raise an eyebrow at the £5 gift voucher we received from DH’s brother. We paid for all their outfits, they let FIL pay for all the travel and then made DH take the children for haircuts, expecting him to pay. Which he did, but the hairdresser couldn’t do them because the kids hair was crawling with lice. I spent the night before my wedding doing preventative lice treatment on our hair. SIL spent the weekend posting on Facebook about how it was the worst weekend of her life, and refused to say goodbye when they were leaving,” said LilyLovesSnape

“I dunno, I kind of understand her point about the towels. If my best friends swung by Kmart on the way to my wedding and grabbed two $5 towels I’d be kind of peeved too. It’s not really about the money spent, it’s more the lack of thought and consideration behind the gift. They could have written a heartfelt card or something more meaningful if they couldn’t afford an appropriate gift for a wedding. It seems a bit passive aggressive or lazy, and definitely kind of cheap. I think more backstory is needed here before shaming anyone,” said MissDiscoLemonade.

“It all depends on the circumstances. If the guests in OPs post has tons of income to spare and we’re like ‘ok here’s two towels from Kmart.’ I would have been like, thanks? But if they really are struggling and that’s all they can afford that’s a completely different story,” noted brando56894

“If someone is broke, it can be super cheap to give something thoughtful. At my first wedding, we received a lovely note from one person and a decorated box to store our wedding keepsakes from another couple. Other friends have gushed about a pretty note in a little frame, a set of handmade tea towels, and a framed photo of them with the guest. All inexpensive and incredibly thoughtful. While I’d never say anything, I’d be side-eyeing anyone giving cheap towels,” said Momtotwocats

What do you think? Did this bride overreact or was she right to feel slighted by the gift?

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