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Eagle-Eyed Woman Catches Cheating Boyfriend, Thanks To His Selfie

We don’t give the selfie the credit it deserves. Often thought of as vain and shallow, this social media art form has gotten dumped on since it started crawling out of Myspace’s depths.

Take for instance this innocent selfie that caused a four-year relationship to crumble within seconds.

TikTok user @sydneykinsch uploaded a video explaining how a close look at her boyfriend’s selfie revealed years of lies. She captioned the video with “Check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies.”


check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies ✨ #fyp

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The video received 19 million views, 216.8K likes and 1528 comments. In it, Kinsch uses the “green screen” feature to show the image she received from him via Snapchat. She sits in front of it, hiding his right sunglass lens from the viewer. On the video, she added a caption that reads “that one time my boyfriend of 4 years snapchatted me him cheating on me.” She unveils his right lens and in it, there’s a reflection of a woman in the passenger seat with her legs propped up and out the car window.

One commenter asked what we all wanted to know: what did Kinsch respond with? She replied to the comment and let the internet know he was cheating for a month with multiple other people.

boyfriend cheating selfie, cheating boyfriend selfie

Kinsch’s discovery blew up, with people discovering her TikTok page from news sources all over.

Taking her newfound sleuthing fame in stride, Kinsch’s TikTok bio currently reads “it wasn’t his sister & it wasn’t his cousin.”

As of this writing, the cheating boyfriend reveal is Kinsch’s only TikTok upload. She currently boasts 3,558 followers and one incredibly embarrassed ex-boyfriend. Nice work.

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