People Share Their “Horror Stories” About Accidentally Catching Their Spouse Cheating (19 Stories)

Being cheated on is probably one of the worst feelings—the loss of trust, the fear that it could happen again—it haunts you.

User u/DEDCMDM94 on Reddit asked the board,

“What is your ‘accidentally caught your spouse cheating’ horror story?”

The thread quickly filled up with truly heartbreaking stories — here are the craziest and the saddest.


“My husband changed from our cellphone plan to hers. Verizon sent me an email confirming the change and the account his line was added to, which included her name. I asked him, and he lied. I looked her up on Facebook, and it turned out they had just celebrated their two-year dating anniversary. We had just celebrated eight years of marriage.” —u/cowgirltu


“I found my wife’s notebook, and written on the first page was a 10-step plan detailing how she was going to leave me for another guy. I turned it into one step.” —u/decorama


“While on family vacation, I picked up his phone because I was bored and the kids were playing on mine. I saw a message to some girl describing the sex he and I had had the night before. We spent the rest of the vacation fighting via text while trying (and failing) to act normal.” —u/Impressive_Molasses


“My mom’s best friend went to have lunch with one of her friends from church choir to meet that woman’s new boyfriend. Surprise — it was my boyfriend.” —u/DearMissWaite


“I saw his mum post a picture of her new grandchild on Facebook. The kid sure as hell didn’t come from my vagina.” —u/FruitGoose


“My girlfriend accidentally ran over her phone and destroyed the screen. She asked me to backup all her stuff and transfer it to her new Pixel. I used the backup tool and saw all sorts of dirty messages and nudes sent to another guy.” —u/toronto_programmer


“I guess I wasn’t supposed to be home. FedEx delivered two tickets to Vegas right to the house. The tickets had her name and some other dude’s name.” —u/Kraygfu


“I came back from a trip four hours early. My wife was supposed to be at work still. I opened the front door to see her sitting topless on the couch making out with a coworker. He ran out the door and she ran into a bathroom and locked the door.” —u/NovaPokeDad


“On Christmas Eve, I got onto the computer to find a photo for a last-minute gift — an ornament with a family photo. Instead, I found a love letter to her from some guy at the gym. I kept looking and founds tons more.” —u/pro_nosepicker


“My brother discovered a condom inside his fiancé. It wasn’t the brand he uses.” —u/brantstephenson