People Share Their “Horror Stories” About Accidentally Catching Their Spouse Cheating (19 Stories)


“One day, I received an anonymous letter that stated my boyfriend of seven years was seeing another woman. The letter claimed to be sent by a different woman that he was also seeing. I confronted him, and of course, he denied. I checked his emails and found Google messages from a third woman. I found out he was cheating with three different women for five years.” —u/Grimkins


“My boyfriend finally convinced me to have a threesome after months of begging, so we had a mutual friend come over. Things got hot and heavy, and when he started fucking her, he moaned, ‘Damn, you feel even better than usual!’ Everyone froze. He tried to tell me that he was thinking about me while fucking her and that it just felt different, but she felt so guilty that she confessed on the spot and begged me to forgive her. We don’t really talk anymore, but last I heard she had been dating my ex for over a year.”—u/Freyja_1995-bitch


“My ex-wife was FaceTiming her boyfriend while topless and took a screenshot to send to him as a keepsake. Problem was, she accidentally sent it to me.”—u/dennydiamonds


“I woke up one morning to my phone going off with a notification saying my Uber was arriving. I had just woken up and knew I wasn’t the one who ordered it. Then, I remembered giving my boyfriend access to my account while we were on Christmas vacation together. I didn’t think anything of him using my account to order a cab, until I saw where he was ordering it from. It was 7 a.m. and he was getting picked up outside of one of the university’s sororities.”—u/PinkPaty


“I caught my ex thanks to Pokémon Go, of all things. She mentioned that Pokémon Go was using a lot of her data. I explained that she could go to her settings to see how much data apps were using. I proceeded to show her how to check and then proved to her that Pokémon Go wasn’t the problem by pointing out Tinder was using way more data.” —u/OfficeOrnament


“I was dating this guy and I noticed he wasn’t following me back on Instagram. I was initially like, ‘Wow, that’s rude,’ but then thought nothing else of it. Well, then I looked through his tagged photos. Less that 24 hours prior, his girlfriend had posted how much she loved him and how great he was. Such a sinking feeling.”—u/BaroNessie


“A friend of mine was watching an NBA game on TV and saw her (now) ex in the stands. He was supposedly attending with a male colleague, but had his arm wrapped around a woman.”—u/cappayne


“She fell asleep drunk with the secret phone he gave her in her hand. I went to bed saw her holding some strange phone that looked nothing like the one she had at the time. I grabbed it and saw all the messages.”—u/IStartTheFire


“It’s so classic and pathetic, but I found long blonde hairs in our bed. I’m a short-haired brunette, and he had a buzzcut. When confronted, he shrugged and said, ‘Well, what are you gonna do about it, anyway? Dump me? You can’t. We have a shared lease, so suck it up.’ Guess who got dumped the very same day with the help of a very understanding and outraged landlord who rescinded the lease?”—u/herissonberserk

Lead image: Unsplash