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Man Argues With GF Over Spending 10K On Dog When She’s Unemployed, Asks If He’s Wrong

Here’s the eternal question: Dog or Girlfriend? Redditor u/gooddogbadbf is trying to answer it for themselves right now, posting their reasons for having to make that decision to r/AmITheA**hole.

The OP says their four-year-old dog had been diagnosed with cancer, but it was caught early and with treatment, the veterinarian thinks it’s very likely she’ll have a full recovery. Her name is Summer:

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But treatment will likely cost around 10K. Luckily, the OP has 10K set aside for exactly this purpose. He decided to not buy pet insurance and just set that money aside in an account just in case, because no issues had ever come up with his pets in the past.

He seems comfortable with using the money for treatment. Unfortunately, his girlfriend doesn’t like this idea at all:

Now when I told my gf of 2 years about my dog, she asked what I was going to do, since it’s not like she expected me to have that kind of money lying around. And if I hadn’t been saving money specifically for my dog, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford her treatment. When I told her about the money and that I was going to pay for the surgery, she was upset because 1. She didn’t know about the account and 2. I’d be spending so much money when she’s out of a job and struggling. She moved in with me a few months ago and doesn’t have to pay rent. We haven’t really discussed finances that much, but I know being laid off has hurt her.

She thinks that I shouldn’t spend it on my dog and wants me to save the money for if/when we get married or have kids. I told her that I’m going to do it and I’m going to schedule my dogs treatment soon. With all that’s happening, neither of us have been able to spend time away from each other, so we haven’t said much the past 24 hours and she’s still upset that I’m picking my dog over our future. So, AITA for spending so much money on my dog?

Most commenters say absolutely not. It’s his money that he set aside for the specific purpose it is now being called upon to use. And a dog is a family member. You can’t put a price on their life, especially when that life could be dramatically extended:


But there was a small contingent of people that at least said the girlfriend has a point. It is a lot of money and things are not great with the economy these days. Even if it is ultimately his decision, it’s not unreasonable for her to be upset about this huge money reveal, only to see it all disappear:

I’d say that it doesn’t really matter if the girlfriend has a point or not, it would be pretty hard to continue their relationship if he let the dog die. That’s not something you forget easily. It seems like the OP agrees, because he added this update:

If it came down to it I would of course choose summer over my gf. And based on our conversation last night it unfortunately seems like an ultimatum may be coming from her.

Welp, there’s only one Summer. Lots of new girlfriends.

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