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Guy Tries To “Test” Girlfriend He Thinks Is A Gold-Digger And It Backfires

It’s unfortunate that some people date other people for their money. But a majority of folks just want to make a connection with someone they can have fun with and see a future with.

One Redditor is both worried and annoyed by her brother’s behavior regarding dating—because he thinks that all women are gold-diggers out for his money. He even “tests” his girlfriends in ridiculous ways to see if they are using him and honestly sounds like a very difficult person you would not want to date. 

“My brother is a very hardworking man, and at 27 he is now very wealthy and doing well for himself. He’s been with this girl for six months and throughout the time we have gotten close because we both like hair, makeup, and shopping. I never knew there was anything wrong with their relationship except when she texted me last week I saying she would love to hang out but thinks it’ll be inappropriate because her and my brother broke up,” the OP writes. 

“I asked her why and she said she was sick and tired of “auditioning” to prove she was with him for the right reasons. She went on to say that my brother is paranoid she’s after his money so he would test her like 1. Leaving out his bank statements on their bed and getting upset when she picked it up 2. Going out to eat at high end restaurants he requested and leaving his wallet on home at purpose to make her pay the bill and prove she’s not going out with him for money 3. Never buying her gifts and questioning her when she asks why he doesn’t.” 

The OP was shocked at what she heard and asked her brother if what his ex said was true. He confirmed, saying, “there’s nothing wrong with making sure his girlfriend is with him for the right reasons.” He had left his bank statement out to see if his ex would pick it up and he made her pay a $500 restaurant bill to see if she would be upset. 

“I asked him if he thinks her being an elementary school teacher could’ve contributed to her being upset at a 500$ bill at a restaurant he wanted to go to and he said no. He said the straw that broke was when she asked him why he hasn’t bought her a single gift since they’ve started dating when she bought him a gaming console and new rims for his car and he knew she was just discretely asking him to buy her an expensive gift.” 

The OP says that he confronted his ex and told her that he thinks she’s with him for his money. She then dumped him, as she was insulted. 

“He’s upset about the ‘gold digging b****’ and when I laughed he called me an asshole. He said I would never understand what’s it’s like being a rich man and being used and I get that concern, but I told him if he thinks any woman will be okay with his tests and auditions he’s delusional as hell.” 

It sounds like this guy has some serious problems regarding his attitude and the way he treats other people. What did Redditors think of the situation? 

“Sounds like you told your brother the truth. He sounds immature and testing a partner never turns out well,” said Veritas_man

“It kinda sounds like HE’S a gold digger tbh. ‘Testing her’ would be taking her out to eat and getting separate tabs, not making her pay for everything. And leaving his bank statements on the bed and getting pissy that she looks? HELLO; EVERYONE LOOKS AT PAPERS JUST LEFT ON THEIR BED. Heck, all of her reactions are NORMAL and he’s just acting like a brat,” observed KyonaAidoneus

“He sounds awful. I can’t imagine why any woman would want to be with him with that terrible personality. ‘I’m going to treat women I date like garbage, and if they break up with me, I’ll know it was because they only wanted my money,'” said yourlittlebirdie

“I could be a millionaire and I’d still be pissed if I had to pay $500 for dinner. He’s s very delusional for thinking people would be okay with those test. I feel like nothing she could’ve done would’ve stopped his thoughts of her,” said ladyk1487

“Your brother sounds like a miserly mess of a man. He got what he deserves and no woman with any self respect is going to suffer that sort of treatment for very long. You may want to inform your brother that if this is how he sees women and thinks it’s appropriate to treat them that way that money is all he actually has to offer so he should either straighten himself out, get good with being alone or learn to love him some gold diggers because that’s all his attitude earned him,” advised WayiiTM

Sounds like the OP’s brother needs some therapy. What would you advise? 

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